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New York Showroom – Kitchen, Closets, Bathrooms

At the Muretti kitchen showroom in Manhattan and Queens, you can find a variety of styles and colors of kitchens — as well as bathroom and closet samples. Muretti, a New York City-based design and manufacturing company, specializes in Italian craftsmanship. You can view some samples for details you may want to incorporate into your own design. The kitchen showrooms are open to the public. Call Muretti today to meet a designer there.

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What Can I Find in the Kitchen Showroom?

The Muretti kitchen showroom actually exhibits more than just sample kitchens. In fact, there’s a broad range of home interior setups to see. The idea is to show you several different arrangements and styles of Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Closet systems

Muretti sells custom-designed, Italian-made cabinets and furniture for all three of these locations in your home. So the showroom includes bathroom designs and closet designs, in addition to the kitchen design showrooms. Take it all in.

How Can I Use the Kitchen Showrooms?

The primary reason the showroom exists is to inspire you. As you wander through the kitchen showroom, you can take in four kitchen design layouts, three bathroom styles and a special area set aside for two closet and closet door samples. You’ll find styles that may include:

Use the displays to imagine how you can improve your own project. Look for the details you can appropriate. Maybe you hadn’t considered a certain style of cabinet until you see it live. Perhaps a color combination tweaks your interest. Seeing the cabinetry in a real-looking setting can catapult your imagination.

What Design Details Can I Find?

In addition to styles you may not have considered, you can expect to see different color combinations. Kitchen and bathroom colors, used appropriately, can impact your finished room. While you may want your home to reflect a similar style throughout, you can give each room a color of its own, including:

And then there’s the cabinetry you want to place in your home. Cabinets come in so many different styles, colors and materials that it’s difficult to envision exactly what may work in your home. Keep in mind that you need custom work, and carefully measured and custom-designed cabinets are Muretti’s specialty. Some samples you may see in the bathroom and kitchen cabinet showroom include:

All the furniture, cabinetry and fixtures on display are made in Italy. Muretti has exclusive relationships with multiple Italian factories, giving them the flexibility to work with first-time homeowners, as well as multi-apartment projects. The factories have the capability to produce more than 100 pieces per day. The costs are affordable since shipping costs are shared across projects.

Where Can I Find the Muretti Kitchen Showroom?

Muretti Kitchen Showroom in New York City
Muretti Kitchen Showroom in New York City

The Muretti showroom is located in Manhattan and Queens, the second largest borough in New York City. Manhattan and Queens is remarkably diverse, especially in terms of the types of neighborhoods and ethnicities. You’ll find plentiful street parking, making this location easy to visit.

When you hire the Muretti designers for your remodeling or new construction job, your kitchen, bathrooms and closets are custom-designed for Italian manufacturers especially for you. Check out the bathroom, closet and kitchen design showrooms. Contact Muretti today to talk to a designer about your needs.

Visit one of our Kitchen & Closets Showrooms in New York City:

Manhattan, New York
134 W 25th St
New York, NY 10001
(On 25th Street, between 6th & 7th Ave)
(212) 457-1355
Working hours: Mon-Fri: 10AM-6PM, Sat 11AM-4PM

Queens, New York
60-75 Eliot Ave
Maspeth, NY 11378
(Intersection Eliot Ave & 60th Ln)
(718) 971-9952
Working hours: Mon-Fri: 10AM-6PM

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