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Blue Kitchen

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, especially if you want new appliances and custom cabinets, consider a blue kitchen palette. Blue kitchens are light and lively. Teal kitchen cabinets or navy kitchen cabinets can turn any style kitchen into a stylish space you’ll love spending time in. Blues make excellent accents against a neutral base, too. When the Italian-inspired experts at New York-based Muretti design and install your cabinets, you get a timeless look that won’t disappoint. Call Muretti or visit the showroom for a wealth of blue kitchen ideas and plans.

Blue Kitchen

Are Blue Kitchens in Style?

Probably second in popularity only to a classic white kitchen, a blue kitchen has been adopted as a bold color option for homeowners. While blue has enjoyed more popularity in the past, touches of blue have always been a favorite for stylish kitchens. Blue creates the right mood for your space no matter what kitchen design you envision, including motifs such as:

Regardless how you intend to use the space, you deserve the very best professionals to bring it to life. The Italian-inspired designers at New York’s Muretti have the training and experience to make your kitchen into the functionally beautiful space you desire. It begins with you sharing your dream. Whether you have a vague concept or specific kitchen ideas, the designers at Muretti make your blue kitchen inspiration into a reality within your budget.

What’s So Special About the Color Blue?

Blue can be bold, soothing or sumptuous. A much-loved color, blue appears in nature as the color of the ocean and sky. In fact, the astronauts on Apollo 17 described the earth itself as a blue marble. The color blue:

  • Relaxes and inspires trust
  • Is an excellent accent on white
  • Works well as a base color for warmer accents

Blue is a popular choice for dresses, jeans, ties and business suits. Considered cool on the color spectrum, it’s so comforting that it’s become dominant on network evening news broadcasts and widespread for corporate logos. Let blue create the same feelings of earthy dependability in your home’s kitchen.

Are Blue Kitchen Cabinets a Good Idea?

Even if you don’t want a completely blue kitchen, blue kitchen cabinets can still play a supporting role in your color scheme. Ask your Muretti designer for blue cabinet ideas for any style kitchen. The Italian factories create custom blue cabinets for kitchens of all colors, including:

Blue kitchen cabinets bring an otherwise bland kitchen to life, and you can choose from countless hues. Teal kitchen cabinets, for example, brighten and delight your senses. And while navy blue kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular choices today, you don’t have to worry that they’ll go out of style. This timeless and neutral color has long adorned the kitchen cabinets of style-conscious homeowners. The master designers at Muretti help you select the perfect shade for your home. Ask to see samples of the most popular teal kitchen cabinets and navy kitchen cabinets.

What Types of Material Are Available for Blue Kitchen Cabinets?

After you select the color, your Muretti designer helps you choose the best material for your custom-made blue kitchen cabinets. Some of the most popular choices include:

Whether you have a small, medium or large kitchen, your Muretti designer can help you with your kitchen layout, remodeling ideas, and even a kitchen contractor. Visit the showroom in Manhattan and Queens or contact Muretti today for an initial consultation.

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