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Kitchen Contractors

Muretti excels at designing and constructing the custom components of your new kitchen, bathroom and closet space. To maintain a focus on product excellence, Muretti doesn’t have its own installation team. You can hire your own kitchen contractors. If you need a referral, Muretti’s designers can provide several that will install your new kitchen, bathrooms and closets. To ensure the best installation experience possible, a Muretti project manager makes sure your kitchen cabinets arrive as expected for your contractors, who then guide the project to completion. Call Muretti today to design your new kitchen.

Kitchen Contractors

    Why Does Muretti Work with Outside Contractors?

    Muratti — a design and fabrication firm located in New York City — specializes in Italian custom-designed kitchens, bathrooms and closets. But they don’t do the installations. Instead, you can hire your own kitchen contractor to take care of that aspect of your project. Muretti works with any general contractor, using a project manager to confirm that your kitchen cabinet contractors have everything they need to install the cabinets correctly.

    By focusing on the design and manufacture, Muretti’s team of talented professionals makes the process easier for you by:

    • Suggesting kitchen ideas to improve your vision
    • Ensuring the best use of your space for a new kitchen, bathroom or closet
    • Guiding you through the kitchen design process
    • Inspiring you through their gallery and the kitchen showroom in Manhattan and Queens
    • Assuring that the materials you choose are the highest quality

    As a result, you get the best deal and the best products to remake your kitchen, bathrooms and closet systems. Whether you want to buy wholesale kitchen cabinets in NYC or specific custom-designed cabinets for your unique project, you can trust the Muretti team to do everything to ensure your satisfaction.

    Who Installs Muretti’s Kitchen Designs?

    Because Muretti focuses on the design of your dream kitchen, bathrooms and closets, they don’t directly employ kitchen contractors in NYC. Instead, they work with the best general kitchen contractors to satisfy your high standards for installations. These kitchen contractors in NYC may come from any company you choose. Muretti works \ with them to make sure they have what they need for a perfect installation. Since customer service is the highest priority, Muretti places a project manager on each job.

    The Muretti project manager’s duties include:

    • Providing you a single point of contact
    • Acting as intermediary to minimize any miscommunication
    • Making sure your expectations are met
    • Confirming that your custom cabinets have arrived as expected for your kitchen renovation contractor

    Who Hires Kitchen Contractors to Do the Work?

    You hire your own third-party kitchen contractors and installers. Muretti works with whoever you choose. This way, Muretti can focus on what it does best: serve you as a designer, distributor and manufacturer of high-quality Italian kitchen, bathroom and closet products.

    This business model allows your chosen kitchen cabinet contractors to do what they do best, including:

    • Prepare your space for a complete or partial installation
    • Bring in the custom cabinets and other hardware you ordered
    • Assemble and install the cabinetry seamlessly
    • Professionally complete your custom kitchen, bathroom or closet
    • Take a minimum amount of time to perform the installation
    • Leave your home as spotless as when they arrived
    • Exceed your expectations at every phase of the project

    Additionally, Muretti streamlines multi-unit projects with a special division just for these large jobs. Muretti can handle any size project, from the smallest bathroom vanity to a multiple-building construction project with wholesale kitchen cabinets in NYC. Muretti does the design and fabrication, while your kitchen renovation contractor does the installations.

    Why Should I Hire Muretti?

    From your initial ideas to the full implementation of your kitchen, bathroom or closet project, Muretti works hard to make sure you’re ecstatic with the process. Customer satisfaction is the top priority at every phase of your project.

    The cost of your project is broken up by the different aspects of the process, including:

    • The most expensive phase is the product fabrication. Muretti ensures the Italian manufacture, quality control and delivery of the finished products you ordered.
    • The next costly phase of your project is the installation. Muretti’s project managers can work with any contractor you choose. They can offer referrals if you prefer, as well.
    • The design phase is the least expensive phase, but it’s where everything starts. When feasible, Muretti’s designers use your initial ideas for a kitchen remodel or new construction, while making sure you’re using your space optimally.

    At all times during your project, you have one person to contact with any concerns and updates: your project manager. This is supposed to be an exciting process for you, and Muretti shares your enthusiasm. Contact an experienced designer today to get started.

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