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Kitchen Remodeling New York City

Maybe you’ve stolen some kitchen remodeling ideas from those kitchen remodel pictures in design magazines. Perhaps you want to know how to remodel a kitchen or you’re just tired of your old space. Regardless, the expert Italian-trained designers and cabinet makers at Muretti can give you solutions. Whether you want the best kitchen cabinet makeover in NYC or a completely redesigned kitchen space, call the New York City-based kitchen and bath design team today.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas NYC

    What Are Some Current Kitchen Remodel Ideas?

    Kitchen remodeling is something everyone does from time to time, and it’s helpful to check the latest trends. Whether you have a traditional, contemporary, modern, luxury or industrial kitchen, the master Italian designers at Muretti have countless kitchen ideas to make the best use of the space in your kitchen layout. Trends change quickly, as they always have. When showing you current remodeling ideas, Muretti designers also take into consideration your tastes and lifestyle, as well as your available space.

    You don’t even need to look for a kitchen renovation contractor in NYC, our experts will manage every step of your kitchen redesign and handle all permitting and inspections. Their ability to make informed choices regarding methods and materials, coupled with their expertise in coordinating a team of experienced craftspeople, sets them apart.

    They offer solutions to upgrade areas with concepts that include:

    • Backsplash. Stylize your food prep area by adding some tile above your countertop. Italian tiles have adorned kitchens worldwide for centuries, and Muretti uses only Italy’s highest quality materials, hand-made by top craftsmen.
    • Kitchen island. Spacious kitchens are always a treat, but you may require more countertop space. Adding an island to the center of your kitchen provides either an additional food prep area or a place for casual family eating. Either way, it’s a win.
    • Appliance updates. Kitchen appliances are always improving in terms of functionality and energy efficiency. You can even choose smart devices that connect to today’s latest apps and promote efficiency. New appliances allow you to go green and get connected at the same time.
    • Opening up your space. While the days of a kitchen entrance are long gone, you may want to extend your kitchen space even further. Most people enjoy the casual, comfortable setting of a kitchen, so add a dining table for family or guests. Enjoy sharing a coffee or tea with a pastry without the dining room’s formality.

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    What Are Some Remodeling Ideas for Small Kitchens?

    Small kitchens can feel cramped and crowded. Small kitchen remodels usually reward you with a more comfortable space.

    Most people think that kitchen renovation cost in NYC always hits a pocket. But small kitchen renovations may entail big or little projects, and they can accommodate anyone’s budget. Muretti’s design team are experts at making the most out of your space and your money. Our company also has the best kitchen remodeling contractors in NYC.

    You might be interested in small kitchen ideas such as:

    • Updated lighting. Try either statement lighting to make some noise or task lighting to illuminate a work area.
    • Replacement kitchen cabinet doors. Stylish cabinet doors give your kitchen a fresh look without needing to tear out the old cabinets or change the dimensions of the room.
    • Adding mirrors. By adding some mirrors to your walls, backsplash or island, you can create a feeling of depth and the illusion of space in any small kitchen.

    Large and medium-sized kitchen benefit from design layouts that allow you more leeway when you remodel.

    These plans may include changes such as:

    • A double island. A current trend that allows you to keep one island for food and the other for seating.
    • Additional appliances. Adding a large freezer or a wine cooler is a great way to upgrade your large kitchen space.
    • Open fire stove. All the rage, wood-fired stoves keep many New York families in touch with old-world pizza recipes and more.

    “A kitchen is the heart of a home, and a well-designed kitchen can make life more enjoyable and become the center of family life.” Muretti’s expert designers

    What Are Some Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Ideas?

    Kitchen cabinet makeovers in NYC are usually the most rewarding part of a kitchen renovation. By choosing Muretti for your kitchen renovation in NYC, you’ll have access to some of the industry’s highest quality custom kitchen cabinets.

    Whether you have a small, medium or large kitchen, Muretti has a wide option of kitchen cabinet color choices that pair well with any palette, including those in a:

    If you’re looking for more than just a color change in your remodeling project — and many remodeling jobs require more than just a touch-up — Muretti offers numerous choices for replacement cabinets in various materials, such as:

    If a small kitchen remodeling is on your mind, visit Muretti’s kitchen showroom near you in Manhattan and Queens. and check out the photo gallery for kitchen remodel pictures. The kitchen contractors can get your kitchen renovation in NYC underway soon. Contact Muretti today to get started.

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