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Traditional Kitchen

A traditional kitchen offers a glimpse back into a time when families gathered at grandma’s old dinner table to share stories of their day. Your traditions may include a nod to an old-world European flair for grace and beauty. The master craftsmen at Muretti specialize in bringing that same warmth and comfort into your home today. By implementing traditions that you value in your kitchen, you can transform it into a place that brings you closer to a simpler time when classics reigned. Call the New York City-based Muretti designers to bring that tradition back to your home.

Traditional Kitchen NYC

What Is a Traditional Kitchen?

A traditional kitchen includes classic designs that incorporate European details like decorative accessories, antique finishes and vintage cabinets. And just like grandma’s, the room is swathed in a neutral, mostly natural color palette that’s warm and inviting. For a traditional flair, try colors that include:

Modern kitchens can sometimes have that industrial, manicured appearance with high-tech appliances and cutting-edge precision. You may feel that aesthetic lacks the hominess you want in a kitchen design layout. For you, a traditional kitchen is the ultimate prize. Since 1995, New York City-based Muretti has cultivated designs that use the finest Italian materials and craftsmanship to return your kitchen to a time when the old-world kitchen was the epicenter of family life. These traditional designs enhance the imperfections of old stone and wood to create and install custom-fit cabinets that create a timeless atmosphere that modern technology can never replace.

What Makes a Kitchen Traditional?

Creating a traditional kitchen requires finding the right combination of unique historical design and the materials that support the time that you’re aiming to recapture. To attain such a delicate balance, your NYC designer has to consider several factors, such as:

  • Materials must be selected to emphasize the authentic or rustic, natural and era-specific. Imperfect wood on wood kitchen cabinets and stone countertops can be implemented to enhance the visual effect and provide character to your kitchen.
  • Selection of cabinets should include multiple raised panels, irregular pattern design and glass fronts to showcase traditional serving ware. Moldings usually are slightly larger than usual, such as crown-type molding. Some cabinets may also use stained glass fronts.
  • Colors typically include creams, pastels or light shades of green or gray. Most wooden surfaces integrate raw wood with a heavy gloss coating to display the wood’s natural patterns.
  • Floors should always be made of natural wood, tiles or patterned stone. Traditional kitchens never have vinyl or laminated floor coverings.
  • Appliances should appear postmodern, perhaps even implementing antique stoves, wood-based cook stoves or ovens with decorative range coverings. Of course, the antique fronts can hide modern, efficient appliances.

The biggest difference in creating a traditional kitchen as opposed to a more contemporary kitchen is the amount of detail and unique attention put into restoring the natural beauty of the wood and other materials to their original state. Designing an old-world kitchen that transports the space back in time takes care and attention to detail.

What Are Some Traditional Kitchen Ideas?

Traditional kitchens are highlighted by fine detail and lavish decor. Every traditional kitchen is uniquely personal and brings out a hint of the past. There are countless ways to turn your kitchen into one that embodies fine European detail. Some of the most popular ideas today include:

  • Adding a coffered ceiling to create a vintage ambiance
  • Using contrast colors on cabinets that speak of vintage decor
  • Adding layers of glass cabinet fronts
  • Incorporating a custom-crafted island or serving table
  • Using rustic stone, butcher block or soapstone counters
  • Creating a backslash with multicolored tiles and decorative stove toppers

Muretti works with you on a style that combines the classic touch of ornate decorative accents with the simplicity of traditional cabinetry to create an ambience of tradition. With the use of neutral tones and contrasting colors in added layers, you can create the kitchen of your dreams. Contact Muretti, your traditional kitchen experts to bring the old world into your new world.

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