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Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Choosing kitchen colors for your remodel or new construction can be overwhelming with so many kitchen color ideas out there. The best color for kitchens like yours depends on a wide range of factors that the expert Italian design team at Muretti help you sort through. They’ll guide you to the best color for kitchen cabinets and offer a wide range of kitchen cabinet ideas. Visit the showroom in Manhattan and Queens or view the extensive kitchen design photo gallery for a glimpse of the possibilities. Whatever you choose, Muretti creates the perfect custom design that blends ideally with your final kitchen color choices. Call them today to talk about colors for your next kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

What Are Popular Kitchen Color Options?

Unless you plan on changing kitchen colors frequently to keep up with the current trends, your best bet is to stick with safe colors that you can easily accessorize. If you want to change the flavor of your kitchen with the seasons, start with a neutral base. Timeless kitchen colors include:

High gloss kitchen colors have become popular options for modern kitchens, while black is a popular choice for a contemporary or industrial style. Blue has been popular for country-style and traditional kitchens.

The Italian-inspired design team at Muretti in New York City provides you with a host of design and color options. Check out their kitchen showroom in Manhattan and Queens or view their kitchen design photo gallery.

How Do I Select Kitchen Colors?

Before coming up with a kitchen layout and designing colors, consider your lifestyle and how you use your kitchen. In general, various colors invoke different feelings and responses. For example:

  • Reds that carry a touch of pink are thought to stimulate the appetite. When used sparingly as an accent color, they’re ideal for eat-in kitchens.
  • Yellow is energizing. It gives you the stimulus to prepare big, nourishing meals. It’s also thought to be a more playful color, nice if you enjoy baking and experimenting with food.
  • Light green is a down-to-earth color for a kitchen, which hints at your organic leanings. It’s also soothing if your family tends to rush through cooking and eating.
  • Gray is a trendy option, as it’s seen as the newest neutral hue. It’s also calming and tends to soothe you and your guests when life gets busy.

The colors in your kitchen don’t all have to be the same. You may need to pick colors for the walls, the floors, the countertops, the appliances and the cabinets. Consider the type of kitchen cabinet colors you’re going with before you decide on the color of the walls and accents. Pairings that go well include:

Where Can I Find the Best Color for Kitchens?

Look no further than Muretti. Their custom cabinet designers introduce a wide array of colors that work best together in the modern kitchen. When you work with custom designers, you can be assured you’ll find the right combination to suit your style, tastes and space requirements.

Stop by or contact the designers for an in-house consultation. Once you’ve dealt with true kitchen artists, whether for a remodel or a newly constructed kitchen, you won’t hesitate to come back when the need arises again. At the same time, check out the many options available at Muretti for bathroom designs and custom closets.

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