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White Kitchen

A white kitchen never goes out of style. Plus, it makes a perfect backdrop for everything from a traditional to a modern white kitchen. Italian-made white Shaker kitchen cabinets blend well with most white kitchen designs and leaves you an extraordinary amount of leeway for future changes. The European designers at Muretti in New York City stay on top of kitchen color trends and are eager to share their expertise with you. Visit the Manhattan and Queens showroom for a tour or call a designer directly to see the difference they can make in your next kitchen.

White Kitchen NYC

Are All-White Kitchens Still in Style?

Kitchen color trends come and go, but white kitchen designs are timeless. Whether you’re considering a luxury kitchen, a traditional kitchen, a contemporary kitchen or a modern white kitchen, you can’t go wrong with a white palette. You can even pick up design ideas from all-white industrial kitchens for a kitchen design that works in any size home. Your kitchen likely plays a significant role in your home — in addition to being the source of meals, it’s often a gathering place for guests and family. So its design and layout has to facilitate your lifestyle requirements.

While the idea of white kitchen designs may strike you as bland, the custom design team at Muretti excels at including your unique personality into your home with:

  • White shaker kitchen cabinets to bring character to every cabinet door
  • Pops of flair to accent the kitchen color trends
  • Natural elements like wood cabinets that blend perfectly with a white kitchen for an eco-friendly design
  • Fixtures in brushed chrome or brass to invoke your unique style

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular?

White kitchen designs remain a constant popular choice among discerning homeowners because of the versatility the color affords. When you have white kitchen cabinets, backsplash tiles, countertops and walls, you’ve created a neutral foundation that allows you to easily update the accent colors as styles and tastes change. White blends with any style as you:

  • Get new appliances without worrying about matching
  • Switch wall décor whenever you please
  • Use seasonal towels and accoutrements with ease
  • Add accent pieces that suit your current tastes

White is also easy to clean. You see smudges, crumbs, dust and grime readily, making clean-up a snap. White kitchen cabinets are ideal for small kitchen spaces, as they give the room the appearance of being clean and airy. With the trend toward micro-architecture and space-saving appliances, a white kitchen is the perfect choice to make your kitchen look bigger and more inviting.

Should I Get a White Kitchen?

Your design team at Muretti works closely with you to develop a kitchen design that serves your purpose and delights your senses. When you inquire about incorporating a white kitchen design in your new construction or renovation project, you get a number of design ideas to consider. Take into account:

  • The extent of your budget
  • How much of your kitchen you want to replace
  • How often you enjoy changing the appearance of your kitchen
  • How you and your family use the space
  • What kinds of styles most intrigue you

When you choose a white kitchen, you can have a modern kitchen with brushed chrome fixtures, extensive track lighting, glass-fronted cabinets and intricately veined white granite countertops. Or you can choose Italian-made white shaker kitchen cabinets, open shelving, recessed lights and brass-plated fixtures. Rely on the expertise of your Italian-trained kitchen designers to find the perfect blend of modern and traditional in your white kitchen. When you need ideas that suit your lifestyle and your budget, contact Muretti for a consultation.

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