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Industrial Kitchen

Professional chefs have always enjoyed the ambiance of an industrial-style kitchen for its sleek design and nod toward efficiency. Now you can have an increasingly popular industrial kitchen design in your home. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current kitchen, the Italian-inspired designers at New York City-based Muretti have the expertise and experience to create your unique industrial home kitchen. Custom-designed industrial kitchen cabinets and all the accoutrements common to the trendy style are the cornerstone of the Muretti success story. Visit the Manhattan and Queens showroom or call for an in-house consultation today.

Industrial Kitchen Cabinets NYC

    What Is an Industrial Style Kitchen?

    The industrial kitchen style combines modern and old-world elements for a unique blend of contrasts. The trend began in the mid-20th century when sculptors and other artists converted factories and other old industrial buildings into living spaces, studios and galleries. These initial kitchens were functional and utilitarian. The concept grew in popularity in the 1980s and 90s, giving those who love to cook a way to have a professional-looking kitchen in their homes.

    Benefits of choosing this kitchen style include:

    • No-nonsense decor
    • Easy-to-clean surfaces
    • Simple styling
    • Highly functional layout
    • Flexibility to accommodate your taste

    An industrial kitchen design creates a nostalgic atmosphere, often by transforming old items into something new. A popular approach to this design style is to leave any exposed concrete walls or brick as they are. The creative, experienced designers at Muretti help you create the perfect industrial kitchen design for your unique home.

    What Are the Features of a Modern Industrial Kitchen in NYC?

    The kitchen design layout of a modern industrial kitchen works especially well in a loft setting where there’s a high ceiling. But this kitchen style can be incorporated into any home. In fact, you can incorporate industrial elements in subtle or obvious ways.

    Some characteristics of an industrial kitchen include:

    • A professional aesthetic
    • Heavy-duty handles and professional-grade appliances
    • A spacious layout
    • An open floor plan
    • Ample counter space
    • Large appliances
    • Exposed piping or beams
    • An emphasis on natural, bare finishes and materials

    Rough and textured materials are common in industrial home kitchens.

    While you can use any type of material, even in combinations, in an industrial home kitchen, some of the most common materials include:

    • Metallic elements, such as stainless steel or iron
    • Sealed, stained or inlaid cement
    • Brick or stone-covered walls
    • Industrial lighting

    Stainless steel is a popular choice for industrial kitchens, especially for countertops and appliances, but you can also blend in custom colors. You can choose the perfect color that looks great in your home, whether you have a gray kitchen, a black kitchen, a high gloss kitchen or another color.

    What Are Some Ideas for Industrial Kitchen Cabinets?

    There are no hard or fast rules for what type of kitchen cabinets belong in an industrial look kitchen.

    Some ideas for industrial kitchen cabinets include:

    • Open shelving for easy access
    • Natural, often unfinished wood
    • Sleek metal cabinets
    • Standalone cabinets to maximize space

    Wood cabinets give an industrial home kitchen in NYC a more rustic and homey feeling, while metal cabinets deliver an understated impression. An industrial kitchen has endless versatility not only in the cabinets, but also in the hardware and colors, so you can express your preferences and personality.

    Where Do I Turn for an Industrial Look Kitchen Design?

    An industrial style kitchen can be both edgy and efficient, offering a comfortably rugged look. It’s possible to achieve an industrial feel in your kitchen that works with your home’s unique design whether you have a small kitchen, a medium size kitchen or a large space in which to work. If you’re looking for expert kitchen contractors to design an industrial kitchen in NYC, a luxury kitchen or a traditional kitchen, look no further than Muretti. Their versatile Italian manufacturers create a custom kitchen to your specifications. Contact the experts at Muretti for guidance and exceptional kitchen remodeling ideas for your new industrial kitchen in NYC.

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