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About the Company

Muretti is an American business that provides exceptional kitchen, bathroom and closet designs. Your custom designs are built with precision in the top furniture factories of Italy. Providing your dream kitchen, ideal bathrooms and stylish closets at competitive prices. Expect excellent customer service, the best materials, lasting durability and beautiful results. Whether you’re planning a remodel or new construction project, call on Muretti for the best of everything, including prices!

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What Is Muretti?

Muretti is a New York City-based custom design and fabrication firm, specializing in kitchens, bathrooms and closets. Their abiding conviction is to provide the very best in custom-designed cabinets and fixtures for residential and multi-unit projects. Muretti is dedicated to the safest and highest-quality products to satisfy your home needs and delight your senses. Since 1995, Muretti has developed a strong foundation by building strong relationships with multiple Italian cabinet-manufacturing companies. All along, they’ve insisted on and selected the best Italian craftsmanship possible. The Italian factories that fabricate their designs are among the best in the world.

What Makes Muretti Different?

Muretti offers custom-designed cabinets, kitchens and closets through their close relationship with Italian craft businesses. Designed in New York, manufactured in Italy and installed in your home, these components transform your home interiors. You can satisfy your tastes, no matter which style you prefer, and that includes:

As a result, the Muretti brand has an impeccable reputation for quality, beauty and durability. And you get more than custom -designed cabinets; you get the best kitchen cabinets for the money. Period. Muretti is known for exceptional bathroom cabinets, functional closets and quality kitchen furniture.

What Does Muretti Build?

Specializing in custom cabinets and design layouts for your kitchen, bathroom and closets, Muretti has a long list of satisfied clientele. No project is too small or too large for their designers, and they deliver solutions no matter how much or how little space you have. Whether for new construction or remodeling, for single-family or multi-unit dwellings, Muretti delivers:

Additionally, Muretti can design cabinets for you in a myriad of colors. You can choose kitchen colors and bathroom colors that suit your tastes. Your dream kitchen, bathrooms and closets can be yours with the right space, the best design and a little planning. Muretti makes it possible by supplying your cabinetry in the right color.

How Does the Company Work?

As a trans-Atlantic business, Muretti combines its knowledge of the industry with your specific needs. After designing your kitchen, bathrooms and closets, they send the exact specifications to their highly skilled craftsmen in Italy for fabrication. When everything you ordered is ready, it’s shipped to your location promptly. Everyone in the company is committed to:

  • Creating the most up-to-date designs for your kitchen, bathroom and closets to achieve your personal vision
  • Using the best materials and testing the quality of the products during the manufacturing process
  • Providing a safe working environment to ensure safety in the workplace
  • Delivering your cabinet to you without damage

By delivering the best possible work — including the best quality kitchen cabinets, the best kitchen cabinet brands, the best bathroom cabinets and the latest closet systems — Muretti achieves optimal results. Located in NYC with an elegant showroom in Manhattan and Queens, they’re looking forward to your visit soon. Contact Muretti to make your dream home interior a reality.

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