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Wall-Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

Your unique style and tastes should permeate every room in your house, including your bathrooms. When you rely on the expertise of Muretti, the best Italian-inspired kitchen and bath designers in New York City, you achieve that delicate balance of beauty and functionality. Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets allow you to have it all — room to store things and lovely accents to adorn the walls. Call Muretti today to learn about all the bathroom storage options you never knew existed, such as floating bathroom cabinets to make the space look bigger. Muretti has experts in hanging bathroom cabinets and color coordination that makes the room flow seamlessly. Call for a consultation today.

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

How Can a Wall-Mounted Bathroom Cabinet Be Stylish?

A custom-designed, wall-mounted bathroom cabinet makes your bathroom both stylish and functional. While you use your bathroom primarily for cleaning and grooming, it can still reflect your taste and style. The perfect bathroom design provides you with a space that delights all your senses. Bathrooms typically don’t have much extra space, yet you often have many items to store there — everything from toiletries to towels. Blank bathroom walls, even when decorated, aren’t efficient. When Muretti takes on your bathroom renovation or new construction, your cabinet options become endless. For example, choose from:


How Do I Choose the Best Bathroom Storage Cabinets?

When planning your bathroom remodel or new construction, consult an Italian-trained Muretti bathroom designer in New York City. There are a number of issues to consider when choosing the best wall-mounted storage cabinets for your bathroom, such as:

  • Your color scheme. For example, a basic white bathroom gives you more freedom to choose the style and color of your cabinets than a blue or black palette.
  • Who uses the space. A guest bathroom doesn’t need as much storage as a master bath. Your kids’ lavatories may need lower wall-mounted bathroom cabinets or a floating bathroom cabinet. And cabinets mounted above double sinks need two mirrors.
  • The level of technology you plan to include. Increase the number of electrical sockets you can access by incorporating some into the cabinets. Custom-made wall-mounted bathroom cabinets are ideal places to hide outlets and grooming tools that you may need to leave on chargers.
  • Which walls are load-bearing. Rely on professionals to ensure that all bathroom storage cabinets are wall-mounted only on walls that are sturdy enough to support them. A hanging bathroom cabinet must be able to hold your toiletries, cleaning supplies and towels.
  • Your design decisions. Adding a floating bathroom cabinet can make a small bathroom look bigger, make cleaning easier and leave room to showcase beautiful tilework. A large, claw-footed tub may need to have an accompanying shower stall with associated cabinets nearby.

Your bathroom cabinets keep your bathrooms clear of clutter. When you rely on the expertise of the professional bathroom cabinet installers that you select, you can expect to end up with a room that truly is an oasis, a peaceful space that you can escape into. Contact the professionals at Muretti today for a consultation before you settle for off-the-rack, wall-mounted bathroom cabinets that just never feel right.

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