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Corner Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Bathrooms are never too large. That’s rarely a problem. Instead, most bathrooms feel crowded and small. Light and bright colors can create an appearance of space, but only custom bathroom cabinets can actually provide that needed space. Muretti designers are expert in using every single inch of your bathroom during a remodel or new construction. Corner bathroom storage cabinets offer a great way to use space that would otherwise go to waste. When you need more space in your bathroom, call the Italian-inspired designers at Muretti, located in New York City, for the best custom storage cabinets.

Corner Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Are Corner Bathroom Storage Cabinets Worthwhile?

If you’re considering a bathroom remodeling job or a new construction project, remember the benefits of custom-designed bathroom cabinets for their elegance and utility. So why not try corner bathroom storage cabinets? Consider:

Expert bathroom designers from Muretti take special care in understanding what you most desire in your bathroom design. Visit the showroom in Manhattan and Queens for some inspiration. You can even consult the Muretti representatives about the company’s Italian factory, the estimated cost and timeframe for the installations.

Which Color Goes with Corner Bathroom Storage Cabinets?

Just as colors are important for the kitchen remodeling ideas, colors for your cabinets need to complement the rest of the bathroom, including the hardware and other details. You can also add some colored floor tiles or paint the ceiling in a darker shade for ambience. Most people think a white bathroom is the only choice. But while white does give off a classic elegance, you do have other options. Trendy colors to consider include:

  • Blue bathroom. Light or dark, blue gives your bathroom a cool, calm interior. You can compliment the blue walls with white cabinets or cool-gray cabinets for an ultra-modern look.
  • Gray bathroom. The neutral color allows you to experiment with different fixtures, hardware and textures for a rich look. Add some green plants to ramp up the contrast. You can also add a dark gray hue as an accent in certain areas of the bathroom, such as on a small corner bathroom cabinet.
  • Black bathroom. Not everyone wants black in their bathroom, but it does create an intimate, modern look. You can also use the color to add subtlety with a black sink or black fixtures.
  • Cream-colored bathroom. From light cream to darker undertones of beige, this color can be a great alternative to white. You can even add some yellow or orange splashes of color in the bath or shower area and bring in some scented candles to recreate luxurious spa moments.

What Corner Bathroom Storage Cabinet Styles Are Best?

The best corner bathroom storage cabinets work well in all bathroom sizes because they make use of otherwise wasted space. With a custom-designed bathroom cabinet, you can get the exact size to fit your chosen nook. You can get tall cabinets, narrow cabinets or even small corner bathroom cabinets, so no space is wasted. You can design the cabinets to be as detailed as you want or keep the cabinets simple. Some of the more popular styles for corner bathroom storage cabinets include:

  • Flat cabinets. The simplest of all in design, these custom cabinets work well as wall-mounted bathroom cabinets, but flat cabinets are very adaptable, whether painted or left as natural wood.
  • Distressed cabinets. The weathered look gives free-standing bathroom cabinets a timeless character.
  • Shaker cabinets. You may have seen this style of cabinets in magazines and design stores. Minimalistic in design and look, they turn your corner bathroom storage cabinet into a focal piece. Add some green plants to a small corner bathroom cabinet in shaker style to brighten up your bathroom.

No matter what style or color you use on your corner bathroom storage cabinets, get custom-designed and custom-built cabinets from the Italian-inspired designers at Muretti in New York City. Contact the experts when you’re ready to remodel or build out a new bathroom.

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