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The Cost of Kitchen Cabinets

You may think that Italian-made cabinets for your kitchen, bathrooms or closets are out of your price range. When you work with Muretti, the New York City-based design experts, you’d be wrong. The fine quality of Muretti products can be yours for a reasonable price. While your price depends on the size of your project and the material you choose, you get world-class customer service with your order. Call Muretti today to find out how inexpensive it is to renovate or build out your kitchen, bathrooms and closets with Italian-fabricated quality.

The Cost of Kitchen Cabinets

Does Muretti Offer Competitive Prices?

Not only does Muretti offer some of the highest-quality European products in the industry, but Muretti’s prices are also incredibly competitive. You can go anywhere in New York City to build or remodel your kitchen, bathrooms and closets, but Muretti specializes in Italian custom-designed and custom-fit cabinets, bathroom furniture and closet systems. In business since 1995, they’ve developed a reputation for excellence.

While your price depends on the size and scope of your project, Muretti’s prices are aggressively competitive. You don’t have to pay more for the fine craftsmanship, quality and durability of Italian-made furniture. Muretti has a reputation for affordable custom designed interiors and high-quality Italian manufacturing methods.

What Are the Advantages of Working with Muretti?

The key to Muretti’s low prices is the high-tech automated production lines in their Italian factories. They’ve got the process down, so that even custom work is done efficiently. It’s such a smooth flow that mistakes made by hand aren’t possible. Muretti has exclusive relationships with several of Italy’s top furniture production facilities. These relationships allow them to produce and deliver the highest quality pieces at affordable prices for both:

  • Individual homeowners
  • Large multi-tenant apartment buildings

Whatever your kitchen, bathroom or closet needs, you can expect the very best Italian design and craftsmanship with competitive pricing. After your general contractor walks through you through your remodel or new home construction, a Muretti designer develops a kitchen design, bathroom design or closet design, depending on what you need or want. Your contractor then guides you through the installation process.

How Much Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

The average cost of kitchen cabinets can vary widely, depending on the quality of the materials and the contractors who install them. The materials and manufacturing process make up the most expensive part of your project. The labor-intensive installation is the second-most expensive part, while the design efforts, which define the whole project, cost the least. Muretti uses only the highest quality materials manufactured by some of Italy’s most advanced production facilities. Despite their elegant design and durability, Muretti offers competitive pricing on custom kitchen cabinets. To get an estimate for your project, talk to a Muretti designer. Besides the size of your kitchen, you have to decide on the material for your cabinets, such as:

How Much Does It Cost to Install Kitchen Cabinets?

Muretti’s kitchen cabinet prices vary according to the material and your kitchen size. While the business doesn’t have installation personnel on staff, they can recommend a reputable kitchen contractor, or you can choose your own. Either way, you get fine kitchen cabinets, expertly installed. A Muretti project manager serves as the point of contact, answering your questions and giving you updates while your cabinets are being delivered. Your project manager works with your contractor to make sure your cabinets arrive at your location and are up to Muretti’s high standards. Every project manager has experience with kitchens of every size, including:

Is It Cost-Effective to Do Multiple Rooms at the Same Time?

If you decide to redesign one or more bathrooms or your bedroom closets while you remodel your kitchen, you can save money. Muretti offers the same low prices and high quality in their bathroom and closet cabinets. Since your chosen installation team is already onsite, you can take advantage of every discount, from the bulk order to the installation savings. You may be pleasantly surprised how affordable custom Italian home products for your renovation or build-out can be. The cost of kitchen cabinets installed is not only competitive, but also so worth it when you see your new space. Talk to a Muretti designer, stop by the Manhattan and Queens showroom or contact the team today to get started and inquire about your particular project.

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