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Closet Design

Closets too often tend to be utilitarian, offering little in forethought or design. But when you work with Italian-inspired designers at New York City-based Muretti, you come to understand that closets can take on an entirely new dimension. Closets should be functional, for sure, but they can have style too. From decorative, unique custom doors on a small hall closet to an array of shelving and hanging rods in a walk-in closet, the details of your closets become part of the grand scheme of your home’s interior design. Call the specialists at Muretti for a wealth of ideas and varying options in closet design.

Closet Design

What Is a Closet Design?

A closet design is a plan to find creative ways to organize your storage. A professional from Muretti — a New York City-based company that specializes in designing closets, bathrooms and kitchens — has the expertise to know exactly what type of closet design you need to satisfy your individual requirements. But there’s more to closet design than that. Great designs must:

  • Efficiently re-arrange your personal items
  • Not sacrifice the aesthetics of the room it’s in
  • Eliminate wasted space
  • Maximize the usefulness of your existing layout
  • Provide you with cost-effective solutions

The goal for the team of closet designers is to solve the storage puzzle by blending convenience with charm. In other words, a new closet has to make your life easier while looking good in your home. Using the highest quality components, Muretti’s Italian-inspired craftsmen create a closet design to store your items, while keeping them accessible and organized.

What’s the Advantage of a Walk-In Closet Design?

The benefits of a walk-in closet are obvious at first: there’s enough room for you to use the space as a personal dressing area. It provides a luxurious setting for you to display your belongings. You can find what you’re looking for easily and quickly. You can walk in, close the door and maintain your privacy. A walk-in closet allows you to incorporate furniture, such as dressers, mirrors and vanities to accommodate your needs. Constructing a walk-in closet from an existing closet or an extra room can add value to your home. To design a walk-in closet, your Muretti expert considers a few important details, such as:

  • Including all the available space
  • Providing room for you to separate seasonal items
  • Creating out-of-the-way places for you store seldom-used items
  • Using a hutch or bench for the mid-point in the closet
  • Adding adjustable hanging racks to increase storage capacity
  • Placing shelves near the entrance to create additional depth

What Are the Advantages of a Reach-in Closet Design?

When you don’t have much space, your Muretti designer may suggest a reach-in closet. It’s an efficient way to store clothes and other items, while keeping things meticulously organized and easy to access. This type of built-in closet simply uses whatever space is available and includes as many storage compartments as possible. A reach-in wall closet design uses a variety of different storage strategies, such as:

  • Sliding shelves that are adjustable
  • Numerous hanging racks and multi-leveled rods
  • Ample, compartmentalized drawer space
  • Special custom-made display racks
  • Baskets, containers and hampers

The greatest advantage of having a reach-in closet is that it can be built in smaller wall spaces in halls and rooms for children. Installations of these organizational systems along the back wall of a room with wood or wire shelving compartments give you even more options for hidden spaces. It’s an ideal design for NYC apartments that tend to be short on extra space.

What about Closet Doors?

Another part of closet designs is the type of closet doors that cover the entrance. Whether your custom closets are in a bedroom, hallway or main living area, the door style and color should match the rest of the space. You have a number of options, including:

Muretti has been perfecting closet designs to accommodate all your personal storage needs since 1995. In addition to finding the best design solution for you, they can provide you closet organizer systems made with the finest quality Italian materials and craftsmanship. Visit their Manhattan and Queens showroom to view some sample closet designs. When you’re ready to start your project, contact Muretti to arrange an in-home consultation.

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