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Wall Closets

Wall Closets Wall closets are the traditional standard for closet design. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved. For one, they can be custom-made, based on your situation. That alone increases the value and durability of your wall closet. Another option is an organization system that saves you time. When you’re considering adding or expanding a wall closet in your home or apartment, call the affordable design experts at Muretti, based in New York City.

Wall Closets

Why Do I Need a Custom Wall Closet?

A wall closet is a reach-in closet that puts everything you store at your fingertips. But today’s wall closets are no longer just a place to stash your clothes. In fact, custom-designed closets are the latest trend. Even fixtures and hardware have become better. At Muretti, an Italian-inspired design firm based in New York City, designers are always on the beat with the latest ideas. Choose the closet design you want — either with a closet shelving system or a more traditional hanging rail. You need a closet that matches your lifestyle and your space requirements.

What Design Elements Go into a Wall Closet?

Your options are many and varied, especially when you decide to custom-design your closets. You can choose a built-in closet, a traditional wardrobe closet that moves with you, or a luxurious walk-in closet if you have the space. Your closet designer helps you narrow down your choices. If financial or space limitations keep you focused on a wall closet, the next step is taking inventory of your current closet. Note every detail regarding how you use it to gain insight into how best to organize the closet space. Some design ideas to get you started include:

  • Arrange your closet into modular sections. Put the most-used items at eye level, while stuff you don’t need or wear often can go either on the top shelves or buried at the bottom.
  • Don’t overstuff your wall closet. Your ideal closet should be large enough to add more things.
  • Consider tall closet cabinets, which create a natural divider in your closet. If you’re sharing space, the design gives you both equal space and the freedom to stylize.
  • Opt for a closet organizer system that helps you become more efficient. More is often better where closet shelves are concerned.
  • Add a few bins or baskets to hold things like socks or T-shirts.
  • Find a system to store your shoes, either in a hanging tree or along the bottom under hanging clothes. You can also add a set of shelves at the bottom or at the side.
  • Add some hangers and hooks at the back of the closet if you have hats or scarves. You can even dedicate a complete drawer for these items.
  • Weigh the benefits of the materials to use. Wood is always in style, with plenty of options to achieve the look you want. Metal is lighter, making reorganizing easier.
  • Choose colors to match or contrast your bedroom décor. While white is always chic, you can try adding colors like warm yellows and reds, cool blues or even some green. Or try black or darker shades of grey.
  • Remember the closet doors. Most modern wall closets are designed with sliding closet doors. These keep your closet hidden from guests and don’t require extra space, making them perfect for compact spaces.
  • Consider other door options, such as pocket doors, bifold doors or double doors, if you have the room. Think about the door material, too. While wood is the most common material, you can look at other choices, such as metal.
  • Open up the room by foregoing doors entirely. Order just the closet framework fitted into your wall. Leave it open to display your things or hang colorful curtains or jute mats to hide the closet entryway.
  • Choose hardware with care if you have closet doors. The knobs and hinges go through a lot of wear and tear over the years, especially if you have kids.

Where Do I Go to Order a Custom-Made Wall Closet?

Muretti designs and fabricates your wall closet no matter what you decide. With or without a door, your new closet will better store your things and keep your clothes more organized. That means less time searching for what you want. Muretti builds your dream closet to your exact specifications in its factory in Italy. They keep your budget in mind when choosing the raw materials. And they can help you arrange your closet installation by recommending contractors. Contact Muretti when you’re ready to build your next closet.

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