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Walk-In Closet Systems

Walk-In Closet Systems Walk-in closets represent the ultimate in closets. They signify that you have the space and luxury to allocate an entire room just for your clothes. In a walk-in closet, you have sufficient room to not only see everything stored there, but space to dress as well. When you rely on the custom designs created by the experienced team at Muretti, you get creative designs that make the best use of your space. Allow the New York City-based designers to create a walk-in closet system to suit your home and your lifestyle. Visit the Manhattan and Queens showroom or call for a personal consultation.

Walk-In Closet Systems

What Is a Walk-in Closet?

A walk-in closet system is an organized space with enough room for you to walk inside to view your clothes, shoes and other stored items. The Italian-inspired designers at Muretti in New York City design these closet systems to create a personal space in your home. In a walk-in closet, you can find what you’re looking for with relative ease while keeping all your personal accessories together.

A luxury walk-in closet also provides you with the privacy of having your own dressing room, while creating an organized system for shelves, hanging space and other storage. Adding a walk-in closet system to your bedroom or creating a luxury closet out of another room enhances your dressing experience and potentially adds to your home’s value.

How Can I Create a Luxury Walk-In Closet?

A luxury closet typically requires a larger space and includes furniture such as chairs, tables, mirrored dressers or vanities. Adding the luxurious design to larger wardrobe closets puts your items on display instead of just keeping them in storage. While luxury is always defined by your personal preferences, most people enjoy some luxurious elements. Some unique ways to create the ambiance of luxury in your closet space include:

  • Glittery or metallic paint to accent your décor
  • Mirrors to give your closet the feel of a dressing room
  • Crown molding and custom furniture, such as dressers or cosmetic tables
  • Extensive lighting options and backlit displays
  • Showcases for custom jewelry
  • Open racks for shoes, ties, hats and other accessories


What Designs Are Available for a Small Walk-In Closet Room?

A small walk-in closet room creates a vertical solution if you have a smaller space as a walk-in closet. A small walk-in closet needs a minimum dimension of four feet wide and four feet deep. This space provides enough room to allow you to enter comfortably. The designers at Muretti create custom-made solutions to meet your needs and enhance your available space. A small walk-in closet may employ options such as:

  • Pins or hooks for hanging extra items
  • Shelving dividers to compartmentalize
  • Storage bins and bags for seasonal storage
  • Various trays or display cases for jewelry or cosmetics
  • Hanging baskets on vertical wall space
  • A closet cabinet to store folding clothes
  • An open closet design without doors to increase the space

What Are Some Options for an Open Closet?

Open closets don’t use closet doors to separate the storage space from the rest of your room. Instead, they’re open so you can see your stored items, giving the illusion of a roomier feeling. Much like a traditional wardrobe closet, an open closet is a good fit for any size or type of room. Add depth to your room to create space for your storage needs while replacing doors with items such as: Curtains

Where Can I Find the Best Walk-In Closet Systems?

Muretti designers specialize in creating custom closets to fit your lifestyle and accommodate your storage needs. With nearly 30 years’ experience designing kitchens and bathrooms, Muretti designers have insight into what works for your closet and storage needs. They take pride in creating beautiful closet designs where there’s limited space.

Muretti designers are passionate about developing highly organized closet systems that reflect the pride you have for your clothing collection and accessories. You deserve to have a special place in your home to store them. By implementing unique built-in closets, you stay organized without sacrificing style or space. Contact Muretti today for ideas to transform your space.

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