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About Muretti

About Us

Designed in New York, manufactured in Italy, and installed in your home, these components transform your living space interiors into what you have always dreamed of. The dedication to excellence, safety, and high-quality products have made Muretti one of the most reputable companies for residential and multi-unit projects. Your custom designs are built with precision in top furniture factories in Italy providing a strong foundation which will be brought into your home. If you share a vision of having functionality, durability, and beauty within your reach, Muretti is the perfect fit. Learn more about us:

Muretti’s Leadership

Marcin Lach
Marcin Lach
Owner/President LinkedIn Profile

At a very young age, Marcin would choose working at a family friends shop over any typical interest of most young man, which led to honing his craft and developing his passion. He learned the meticulous process from a European Craftsman who taught him respect for natural resources and a pride over what can be created from them. Following his passion, he attended Trade School and graduated with honors. By age 22, he decided to relocate from Poland to United States to begin working with a large cabinet making company in NY. He took a risk by sharing his passion with the world inspiring others through the highest quality custom home solutions. Every project built by Muretti will be under direct supervision of Marcin himself.

Carlos Coronado
Carlos Coronado
Lead Designer

With a collective experience acquired through extensive travel and a natural talent for observing details, Carlos provides exceptional designs to clients from single projects to multi-unit. Carlos graduated with high honors from a prestigious university in NYC. His love for beauty and art is extraordinary. There is no detail that will go unnoticed with his mastered skill for design. His expertise in utilizing limited space to maximize the options of usage within the living space is exclusively a reason for clients to search for his work.

Sonia Wojcicki
Sonia Wojcicki
Public Relations Specialist

New York City has been the home to Sonia for over a decade, where she has successfully entered the marketing space specializing in public relations and social media. Sonia loves effective communication. She is a people person and interacting with her is a pleasure. Her strengths are translating into words the visions clients have, and successfully bringing projects into fruition. Additionally, balancing projects, creating new business ideas, and a killer instinct that cannot be replaced with technology are part of her roles.

Muretti’s Statement

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