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Closets shouldn’t be just an afterthought when you remodel rooms or build new. There’s no need to search for closet companies in NYC. Now you have access to the best closet factory in the world through a local New York City closet company. Let the Italian-inspired expert designers at Muretti create custom closet systems for all the rooms in your home to keep you better organized — without sacrificing style. Custom-designed closets, produced in a closet factory in Italy, combines your exact specifications with a custom-designed closet layout to suit your taste and storage needs. Visit the Manhattan and Queens showroom or call Muretti to start your next project.

What’s a Custom Closet System?

A custom closet is a type of storage designed around your storage needs. Its specific design varies, depending on the shape and space of the room or hallway where it’s located. Your storage system has components tailored for your particular space to fit everything you want to store. The more specific the design for you, the more organized you’ll be. Experienced designers at Muretti send precise specifications for your closet design to their Italian closet factory. There, the closet systems are built to suit your requirements. Then, you choose who installs the ideal storage space in your home. Overseas costs for shipping are kept low because the company produces large quantities of custom closets, kitchens and bathrooms.

"A custom closet is not just about storage, it is about creating a space that you love to be in. It is a space that should be as beautiful as it is functional." - Muretti’s team of expert designers

Why Do I Need a Custom Closet?

Closet organizer systems can include a wide range of storage accessories when you allow the New York City-based designers at Muretti to create a custom closet design for you.

Organizer options include:

  • Shelves
  • Drawers
  • Tie and belt racks
  • Pant racks
  • LED lighting
  • Separate closet cabinets
  • Hanging rods
  • Jewelry drawers
  • Shoe racks

There’s room for a multitude of other closet organizer systems and accessories in each closet system. By letting your imagination flow and listening to your designer, you can come up with a truly custom closet. Muretti uses only the highest quality materials to create the best quality closets, manufactured at their closet factory in Italy.

What Are the Types of Custom Closet Styles?

There are many varieties of custom closets available to address your storage needs.

Popular custom closet ideas include:

  • Custom walk-in closets. Spacious and convenient storage for large homes, these closets are a grand architectural feature in your home. They also improve your home’s value.
  • Reach-in closet. This closet design is smaller in size compared to a walk-in closet. They’re ideal for guest bedrooms and other small rooms.
  • Custom built-in closets. This space-saving wall closet works for all types of homes and is especially useful in small New York City apartments.
  • Small custom closets. These include linen closets, shoe closets and other small storage closet designs that serve to declutter your home by tucking away smaller items.
  • Wardrobe closets. Unlike standard closets, this is a standalone, moveable cabinet that acts as a closet. You can order a wardrobe closet based on your requirements.

Closet designs continue to evolve. But the best closet factory always uses high-quality material to stay ahead of the curve. Your home remodeling experts at Muretti explore every option with you to find the most suitable choice for your storage needs. You can choose any style and type. Get the most unique modern or luxury closet in NYC!

What Door Style Can I Choose for My Closet?

Your closet can have a variety of closet door styles to match your preference and the décor of the surrounding room or hallway.

Depending on your home’s overall decor, you can choose from closet door styles that include:

Custom closets perfectly blend aesthetics and functionality. When your closet satisfies your storage needs and looks fantastic, that’s a perfect outcome.

Some of the advantages of relying on versatile storage systems from a custom factory include:

  • Enabling more organization
  • Customizing the closet to suit your style
  • Maximizing storage space
  • Increasing your home value
  • Adding a dash of glamor to your home with a walk-in closet
  • Choosing from multiple closet styling options

When you work with installation experts at the best closet factory in NYC using high-quality products, you get exceptional remodeling results. Muretti works with the installation team that you choose. Contact Muretti today to discuss the best custom closet design in New York City for your home.

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