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Double Closet Doors

French closet doors add a touch of elegance to any room. Turn your boudoir closet into a first-class dressing room or add the European style closet doors to your dining room china cabinet. Double closet doors are more efficient, as they require less space to open all the way, something New Yorkers can appreciate. And double doors make it easier to access the contents of any closet. Call on the Italian-inspired closet experts at Muretti in New York City to design and build double closet doors for your next closet.

Double Closet Doors

What Are Double Closet Doors?

Double closet doors feature a pair of regular swinging doors for reach-in, built-in or walk-in closets. You can open each of these doors on its own using a suitable latch or lock. You can open both doors to reveal the entire closet. Some common types of double closet doors include:

  • French closet double closet doors
  • Single panel double closet doors
  • Glass double closet doors
  • Mirrored closet double doors
  • Double sliding closet doors Pocket double closet doors
  • Double swing closet doors
  • European-style double closet doors

While double closet doors reflect a more classic or traditional style, new dynamic styles continue to enter the market every year. Your closet designer at Muretti in New York City works with you to review available double door styles to find the most suitable choice. Muretti is a premium Italian kitchen, bath and closet designer with extensive experience in custom closet design and manufacture. They’ll even help you find quality installation contractors.

Are Double Closet Doors a Good Choice?

Double closet doors offer a touch of classic style, blended with functionality. These doors are a popular choice for homeowners for several reasons, including:

  • Easy access. By opening outward, double closet doors give more access to a closet’s interior. You have a wide, complete view of the contents, so you can easily see what’s inside, allowing you to place and remove items more efficiently.
  • Compatibility. Double-door French closet doors are compatible with multiple closet systems, including walk-in closets, reach-in closets and built-in closets. They can be designed to work well on small wall closets, large wardrobes and closet cabinets too.
  • Versatile styling options. You can vary the material, color and style to suit any décor you have in mind. Double doors are appropriate for any style in your home, from traditional to retro, luxury, industrial or even a country look. The styling details are built into the doors, handles and hinges.
  • Convenience. With the doors open wide, you can find your personal items faster and without a hassle. With double doors, you need less space to open your closet. At the same time, you actually have more room to put things in and take them out.
  • Easy to operate. With the right kind of hinges and proper manufacturing, double doors are easy to open. Proper design ensures that they won’t swing back while you have the doors open. When doors are made of heavy wood, glides make access even easier.
  • Affordability. Custom double closet doors made at the Italian factory are high quality without the high prices. Muretti ships large quantities of kitchen, bath and closet cabinets, thanks to their popularity, which saves you money on individual pieces.

Durability. Double doors are sturdy and durable when manufactured by Muretti.

What Are the Best Styling Ideas for Double Closet Doors?

Double closet doors add to the splendor of your home’s overall décor. Customization allows you to have a wide range of styles from which to choose. Design ideas that may work for your tastes include:

  • Pops of color for contrast
  • Wood finishes
  • A painted mural on a glass door
  • Paneling with frames

  You have room for creativity when using double closet doors. You can explore the available closet doors at Muretti’s showroom in Manhattan and Queens. Let your dedicated closet designer guide you to the perfect closet doors for your home. Contact Muretti today for an in-home consultation.

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