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Closet Doors

Closet Doors In addition to choosing the type of closets for your new or remodeled home, you have choices when it comes to the type and style of the closet doors that grace your new space. When you rely on the expertise of experienced Italian-inspired closet designers at New York City-based Muretti, expect to receive a multitude of recommendations. The type of closet door you choose has to match your tastes and suit the layout and décor of the surrounding room. Check out the photo gallery, visit the Muretti showroom in Manhattan and Queens or call for an in-home consultation.

Closet Doors

What’s the Purpose of Closet Doors?

When you have custom closet doors, they secure your storage space and make it much easier to keep your personal items organized and all together. Built-in closet doors protect your privacy, too. Closet doors, the most visible part of your closets, add to the beauty and style of your home. With the right closet doors, you don’t have to keep the contents of the closet perfectly organized all the time. Even though closet organizer systems help you keep your stuff in order, it’s the doors that keep it private. In addition, your closet doors give you another opportunity to accessorize the room or hallway where the closet is located. Because no two closets have the same amount of available space, Muretti offers a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate your specific measurements. To fully explore design options, visit the Muretti showroom in Manhattan and Queens to see several samples of closet designs and closet doors that suit your needs.

What Are the Best Closet Doors Available?

Closet doors are designed in a variety of styles. They use various modern, traditional and luxurious hardware to match the décor of your home. When choosing the right doors for your closet, Muretti designers always consider the layout and décor that best fits your home’s layout without limiting your ability to move freely past the entrance. There are many different designs for closet doors. They can include folding, sliding, hanging and swinging doors that offer greater accessibility to your storage space. With Muretti, you get the finest Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to provide you with the best designs available, such as:

  • Sliding closet doors slide past each other on a rail or track. These are common closet door types that don’t require any extra room to open.
  • Bi-fold closet doors are hinged and normally include several different panels. They’re used primarily for bedroom closets.
  • Pocket doors slide into openings within the wall and take up minimal space.
  • French style doors are a vintage style. It’s a hinged door design that offers stylish accessories like stained or frosted glass and fancy knobs and fasteners.
  • Mirrored doors use light reflection to add depth to your surrounding room.
  • Double closet doors open in the middle to display your items with simplicity and easy access.

What’s the Best Closet Door Design for My Home?

The main consideration when choosing a closet door design is the amount of available space at the opening to your closet. Your designer understands whether or not the installation of doors will increase or decrease the use of that space. To accent the traditional, modern or luxurious style of your décor, you can add accessories to closet doors, such as:

  • Crown molding
  • Glass panels or stained-glass inserts
  • Beaded trim
  • Fancy hinges, knobs and door handles
  • Woodgrain designer panels stained to match existing wood
  • Bright or vivid colors for contrast to the walls or panels

The building materials used to create your design ensure that your closet doors are sturdy, functional and long-lasting. Muretti builders use only high-quality solid or hollow hardwoods, premium quality aluminum or glass, and MDF — which is a recycled, eco-friendly wood alternative — to provide you with superior quality doors. Muretti has been designing custom doors for all your storage space and closets since 1995. They provide you with experienced designers, recommended installers and the highest quality materials available. The creativity of Muretti’s designs allows the addition of closet doors to add value and character to your home. Contact Muretti today to start your next remodeling or construction project.

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