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All Muretti projects — remodeling or new construction jobs that use Muretti kitchen, bathroom or closet furniture and fixtures — are installed in your home professionally. However, Muretti doesn’t employ people for installing kitchen cabinets. Instead, you hire the best general contractors you can find, and Muretti works with them to deliver your custom cabinets into their care. Call Muretti for the finest Italian interiors and professional installations.


Does Muretti Install My Kitchen Cabinets?

Muretti doesn’t have its own installation personnel, but they work with reputable general contractors who are great at installing kitchen cabinets. Since customer service is paramount, you can rest assured that Muretti does everything to make sure you’re charmed by the final results. While you can ask for suggestions for a kitchen contractor, you are free to choose your own. Muretti works with any contractor. A typical kitchen project includes:

  • Reviewing your initial kitchen ideas
  • Designing the layout to fit into your space
  • Selecting the kitchen style you want
  • Choosing a color palette
  • Finding the custom-fitted cabinets
  • Hiring the kitchen contractors
  • Installing kitchen cabinets, a process that may take three to four days, depending on the size and details of your kitchen
  • Cleaning up, leaving your new kitchen looking perfect

What Is Muretti’s Role in the Installation?

Muretti offers custom-designed kitchens, bathrooms and closet solutions for your remodeling or new home project. In fact, the company has a special division to handle multi-unit projects. With more than 25 years of experience designing kitchens, bathrooms and closets, Muretti takes customer satisfaction seriously. Every detail matters, regardless of your kitchen design, including for:

If you choose Muretti for your bathroom, closet or kitchen design and fabrication, you work closely with a designer. A project manager then ensures that your custom kitchen cabinets arrive for your contractor to install. Installing kitchen cabinets to the correct specifications is your contractor’s job.

Is Installing Kitchen Cabinets the Only Part of the Installation?

Kitchens make up a majority of Muretti’s installations, but they’re far from the only type of installation you may need. If you upgrade your bathroom or closet, you’ll need your installation team to complete that task as well. Your kitchen contractor installs all types of cabinets, based on your chosen style, such as:

Every cabinet has to fit perfectly in your space. They must be level and without cracks. Every drawer must slide smoothly. When your project is complete, it should look and operate even better than you imagined. This is the job of your chosen kitchen contractor.

Do My Contractors Install Other Furniture?

Your contractors install bathroom furnishings and closet cabinets, as well as kitchens. Everything has to be installed to your satisfaction. Whether you want a modern bathroom or luxury bathroom, you can choose from a wide range of custom bathroom cabinets, such as:

Your contractors take care to install everything properly in your bathroom, and that includes getting the bathroom color palette correct. Since bathrooms come in many different hues, the color has to be exactly what you expected. Muretti delivers the cabinetry you ordered, custom-fit to your space, and then your contractors install them

How Long Does My Installation Take?

Muretti’s home furnishings are custom-designed for your home, so they can be installed quickly. The average installation time for a kitchen in the NYC area is three to four days. Experienced contractors can complete a bathroom in only half a day. Expect your contractor to finish a closet in a day or two. If you’re ready for an upgrade, contact Muretti to speak to a designer. Get the guidance you need to design the layout and choose the cabinets. Then you choose the contractor for installing kitchen cabinets in your home. Muretti has the experience to make your dream kitchen, bathroom or closet come to life.

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