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Narrow Bathroom Cabinets

Space is often a dilemma for New Yorkers. So when you’re undergoing a bathroom remodel or building a new dwelling, don’t let space hamper your desire for more cabinet storage space in the bathrooms. The custom-design cabinetmakers at New York City-based Muretti are experts at creating narrow bathroom cabinets to fit any limited space. Their clean lines and accurate placement provide sufficient storage for any homeowner’s needs. Call the Muretti team today before you give up on bathroom storage solutions.

Narrow Bathroom Cabinets

How Can Narrow Bathroom Cabinets Be Used?

Narrow bathroom cabinets may be exactly what you’re looking for if it seems like there’s not enough storage space in your bathroom. Finding a place to store everything that you may need in a small bathroom is challenging. Narrow bathroom cabinets are designed to fit in small spaces — such as corners or the space between the toilet and the sink. You may believe that a narrow cabinet isn’t worth the hassle of installing it. The truth is that there are many possible uses for slim bathroom storage cabinets, such as storing:

  • Linens
  • Towels
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair care products
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Spare toilet tissue or facial tissue

A narrow bathroom cabinet can blend in with your bathroom design. If it’s custom-designed, it can be as decorative or minimalistic as you prefer. Whether you have a luxury bathroom, a modern bathroom or a traditional bathroom, talk to the experienced bathroom design team at Muretti in NYC. They can create cabinets that fit the look you want.

What Are Some Styles of Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinets?

There are different styles of narrow bathroom storage cabinets that may be right for the design of your bathroom, especially if space is tight. Style choices for narrow bathroom cabinets include:

For just about any size or shape of bathroom, a slim bathroom cabinet offers a range of storage solutions. If you still can’t see the possibilities, keep in mind that custom bathroom cabinets are created to fill the unique needs of your home, your style preferences and your lifestyle.

What Materials Are Narrow Bathroom Cabinets Made of?

When deciding on the material of a slim bathroom cabinet, consider whether you want the cabinet to blend in with the overall design of the bathroom or offer a departure of style. A unique finish or a different material can add visual interest. It all depends on the look you’re going for. Muretti designers only work with quality products sourced from fine Italian craftspeople when choosing a material for a slim bathroom cabinet. Poor quality materials can warp in a moist bathroom environment, forcing you to replace them. Good materials for cabinets and other bathroom furniture include:

  • Solid wood
  • Waterproof plywood
  • Laminate
  • Metal

What Colors Work for Slim Cabinets?

Colors for narrow bathroom cabinets can be neutral and muted or bright and bold. You can choose a color that provides contrast or one that matches your existing color theme. Popular bathroom colors that Muretti works with to match cabinets include:

When you pick a color for your new cabinet, decide if you want the cabinet to stand out or look like it’s always been there. A jolt of color can add interest, but it also draws attention to itself. If you’re looking more for function than for style, choose a color that works well with your chosen bathroom colors.

Where Can I Get Slim Bathroom Cabinet Ideas?

Look no further than the Muretti kitchen and bath showroom in Manhattan and Queens. Once you’ve chosen a style and color for the narrow bathroom cabinet to fit your needs, the cabinets are manufactured in Italy to your exact specifications. Then you can have them installed by an experienced installation team. When you’re looking for narrow bathroom storge cabinet ideas, don’t rush into choosing low-quality or off-the-shelf cabinets. Quality custom cabinets are durable and fit your space perfectly. For ideas on what may work in your bathroom, get in touch with Muretti. They’ve been a leading name in quality cabinets since 1995.

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