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Gray Bathroom

Gray is often referred to as the new neutral and for good reason. It’s a versatile color that you can do so much with — and it’s rarely boring. When you work with the seasoned Italian-inspired kitchen and bath designers at New York City-based Muretti, you’ll find a deep respect for color coordination, coupled with logic that drives functionality. Blend colors, add green touches, go retro, traditional or all-out high tech with the various combinations available when decorating a gray bathroom. From gray bathroom cabinets and a grey bathroom vanity to pale gray walls and ceramic tiles, you’ll appreciate the subtleness that gray brings to bathroom design. Call today for more ideas.

Gray Bathroom

Can Gray Look Stylish in a Bathroom?

When used creatively, gray exudes subtle sophistication and an understated luxury lifestyle. It’s one of the most popular neutral bathroom colors because it’s easy to work with, customize and accessorize. You can use gray in a modern bathroom, a traditional bathroom or a luxury bathroom design. Some of the key features that you can build into a gray bathroom include:

  • Gray bathroom cabinets
  • A grey bathroom vanity
  • Different shades of gray on the walls
  • Wallpaper with muted gray designs
  • A gray marble or granite countertop
  • Gray flooring tiles
  • Traditional or country-style accessories
  • A gray shower stall and bath accessories

While a neutral tone, gray can be a complex color to pull off for a bathroom. It requires an experienced bathroom designer, whose vision matches yours. Muretti is a renowned bathroom and kitchen designer based in New York City with almost three decades of experience to add to your bathroom project.

Is a Gray Bathroom a Good Idea?

A gray bathroom design offers several advantages that straddle both form and function. Some reasons to go for gray in your bathroom remodel or new construction project include traits that make it:

  • A sophisticated look
  • Easy to choose from an array of shades to achieve your bathroom décor idea — such as warm gray, cool gray, dark gray, mid-value gray, charcoal, iron, silver, dove, oyster and pearl, among others
  • A calm and soothing sense of serenity to add to your bathroom
  • High-end elegance with rich, sophisticated shades
  • The perfect neutral to moderate brighter hues within your bathroom
  • Perfect for a traditional bathroom because gray is elegant, understated, conservative and refined
  • The ideal color of compromise with extremes — it’s a middle ground color between a dramatic black bathroom and a basic white bathroom

When planning a bathroom remodeling project, consider a wide range of bathroom designs available to you. Gray brings some sophistication to this personal space with hues and undertones of pink, blue, lavender and green, adding beauty and style to the space. You can choose from shades reminiscent of the beautiful old cathedrals of Europe or gray hues with a modern and industrial flair. Whatever your gray bathroom style, the experts at Muretti help bring your idea to life.

What Are the Best Ideas for a Gray Bathroom?

Gray bathrooms are dynamic, which is one reason they’ve stayed in style for so long. You have a variety of evolving bathroom styling ideas for this type of bathroom, including:

  • Soft beach-style
  • Grey tiles in a wet room
  • Pops of color with accessories that can range from soft grey and pastel pink, to dark blue or bold red
  • A stylish gray and blue bathroom, using lighter shades of blue prominently with gray accents in the background for an elegant look
  • Gray with subtle bright orange accoutrements
  • Natural accents with wood and plants
  • Elegant marble and granite with gray and black veins
  • Shining silver or brushed chrome against muted gray
  • Minimalist gray with a free-standing tub
  • Modern dark gray
  • Contemporary gray with cathedral windows
  • Grey slate walls
  • Gray bathroom cabinets or contrasting wall-mounted or corner bathroom cabinets
  • Gray free-standing or small storage units
  • Glamorous gray using pigment-rich paint and a slight shimmer finish

When you work with Muretti, you end up with a transformed gray bathroom that’s calm, soothing and elegant with all the storage you need. Gray bathrooms are a considered a timeless design. The color creates a sanctuary so you can comfortably spend your most private moments. Contact a professional bathroom designer at Muretti to make your gray bathroom idea a reality.

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