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Black Bathroom

When you’re ready for an upgrade or you’re designing a new home, consider the contemporary trend embodied by a black bathroom. This bold statement works for many styles. Whether you go with mostly black ceramics, play with black and white tiles or use black just for primary accents, you’ll add drama and style to an otherwise sedate room in the house. Rely on the expert Italian designers at New York City-based Muretti to expand your design horizons. Visit their showroom in Manhattan and Queens for this and other ideas for bathrooms, kitchens and closets. Call the team today to get started on your extravagant new bathroom. You won’t be disappointed.

Black Bathroom

Is the Black Bathroom Style Trending?

In the 21st century, a black bathroom is back in style. More homeowners are seeking a sleek, chic and sophisticated look for their bathrooms. When comparing bathroom colors, black may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But there are many reasons to consider this bold color, such as:

  • Black is unique and really makes your bathroom space stand out.
  • It’s a versatile palette that allows you to mix and match accessories.
  • Black accents are stunning next to metal tones like brushed chrome and bronze.
  • You’ll find an extensive array of unique lighting options that pair well with the dark tones.
  • It’s an evolving trend with new ideas emerging all the time.
  • You get a low-maintenance bathroom.
  • Black is an ideal color for a modern bathroom, traditional bathroom or luxury bathroom.
  • Black gives you a sleek, modern look for your bathroom.

If you plan a bathroom remodel to integrate this popular trend, Muretti, the New York City-based bathroom and kitchen installer, is the designer to use. They bring over 25 years of experience to your bathroom design and work with whichever installation team you choose.

What Goes into a Black Bathroom?

If you’re bold enough to go ahead with black for your bathroom, you’re going to have an exciting journey because of the multiple styling options available. A black bathroom gives you the opportunity to take advantage of some distinct features, such as:

  • Black walls in solids or patterns
  • Black custom bathroom cabinets
  • Black sink and faucets
  • Black vanity
  • Black-colored basin
  • Black bathroom details, from the towel rails and tiles to the commode and other fixtures
  • Black-themed flooring
  • Black accessories, such as towels, soap dispensers and wall art

There are endless black color styling options for all parts of your bathroom. Pulling it together may seem complicated, but working with an experienced NYC bathroom designer from Muretti makes things easier. You get the most talented team working on your bathroom remodel, incorporating all your ideas. This helps deliver a dream black bathroom.

What Are Stylish Black Bathroom Ideas?

The mention of a black bathroom may conjure images of a dark, cryptic and gloomy space. But nothing could be further from the truth for the modern, black-themed bathroom. In fact, black is among the most dynamic bathroom designs for a modern home. Black is not a dull color, as the Muretti designers bring a wealth of ideas to liven up your black bathroom, such as:

  • Using the lighting to highlight and brighten black furniture and accessories
  • Installing a scenic black wallpaper with metallic gray designs
  • Creating a sense of space with a spacious black marble shower
  • Incorporating a floor-to-ceiling glass partition, frosted glass walls and a sleek concrete floor
  • Ordering custom black bathroom wall cabinets with metal handles
  • Mixing it up with antiques to get a look of aristocracy
  • Using a clean and classic black-and-white color scheme if you don’t want to go all-black
  • Playing with floral color accents
  • Relying on a classic white bathroom as a backdrop for black accents that never go out of style
  • Filling empty spaces with green plants
  • Adding touches of gray for a more traditional look
  • Using black on your windows and shutters, picture and mirror frames
  • Texturing the tiles for a contemporary style
  • Going with black for its simplicity in a minimalist style

Retain a modern touch in your bathroom. Let your imagination flow when designing a black bathroom. The team at Muretti is always ready to help explore new ideas and implement them to the highest standards. Contact the firm today for an in-house consultation or visit their Manhattan and Queens showroom for a wealth of design ideas.

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