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White Bathroom

Probably the most popular color scheme for bathrooms is white. That’s because it’s timeless and supports all different kinds of accents. Since most commodes and tubs are white, you have a base from which to begin your design. When you rely on the Italian-inspired designers and master craftsmen at New York City-based Muretti, you find the most extraordinary concepts for successfully integrating cabinets and other bathroom furnishings in white or accent colors. Call the expert bathroom designers today to learn how you can make a basic white bathroom into a decidedly unique bathroom of distinction.

White Bathroom

Are White Bathrooms in Style?

White bathrooms have always been in style. They’re timeless because they exude simplicity, comfort and familiarity. They were in style centuries ago, and someday in the future, people will return home in their flying cars to an elegant white bathroom. While white bathrooms never go out of style, you can still get the most up-to-date touches by allowing the expert designers at Muretti to design and build the perfect white bathroom for your home. Despite their clean and simple appearance, without careful attention, an all-white bathroom can appear uninspiring. Let Muretti’s Italian-trained specialists craft a bathroom as impressive as the rest of your home.

Are White Bathroom Cabinets in Style?

Whether you have an all-white bathroom or you want to use some white custom bathroom storage cabinets to lighten up a darker space, white bathroom cabinets always brighten their surroundings. If you prefer other bathroom color options, Muretti has several other popular color themes to choose from for a:

In conjunction with the appropriate bathroom vanity, white bathroom floor cabinets can introduce a sunny sparkle into more subdued darker bathroom palettes. Rest assured, your white bathroom cabinets will remain stylish for decades to come.

What Types of White Bathroom Cabinets Are Available?

When crafting your bathroom design and choosing the style of your bathroom furniture, Muretti takes your space and budget into account. You can expect custom-designed, Italian-made vanities, bathroom furniture and bathroom cabinets that blend with your ideas and perfectly fit your space. To make your plans work, Muretti designers can create and install a wide range of cabinetry that includes:

While your bathroom must be aesthetically pleasing, it’s also a functional room that requires a professional design to make the most of your space. Muretti’s Italian-inspired designers squeeze necessary storage capacity into even the smallest bathrooms. Additionally, they use only the highest quality raw materials when they manufacture the cabinets in Italy, which gives you the satisfaction that your furnishings have both style and durability.

Is White Appropriate for Any Bathroom Style?

The color white works with just about any style of bathroom. When selecting the colors and design of your bathroom, you need an experienced designer to merge the colors and furnishings into a bathroom that complements the rest of your home. Muretti’s specialists can craft a white bathroom best suited to your abode and lifestyle. Take a look in the photo gallery at their design ideas for these two favorites:

While modern and luxury bathrooms aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, they do have some fundamental differences, such as the quality of the fixtures and the plushness of the accoutrements. Whatever style you choose, you can be assured that only top-quality materials and craftsmanship go into every aspect. Only after a thorough consultation with one of Muretti’s designers can you be sure what style bathroom is right for your home. While the production takes place in Italy, Muretti is an American-based company, headquartered in New York City. If you’re able, visit their showroom in Manhattan and Queens to get some inspirational ideas for your own white bathroom. Otherwise, contact an experienced designer today.

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