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Blue Bathroom

When building a new bathroom or taking on a renovation, consider adding touches of blue to your scheme for relaxing overtones. Alternatively, go bold and work with the Italian-inspired designers at Muretti to create blue bathroom cabinets or a navy blue bathroom vanity. You’ll find endless choices when you choose experienced, forward-thinking designers to develop the most suitable blue bathroom that blends well with the overall color palette in your home. Call today for ideas or visit the Manhattan and Queens showroom to see what a blue bathroom can look like.

Blue Bathroom

    How Does a Blue Bathroom Look?

    A blue bathroom uses multiple shades of blue on different surfaces to transform the space into a serene, calming oasis or a fun adventure into color. Blue is a soft décor color that gives your bathroom a spa-like look and feel.

    Some of the features that you can incorporate in this bathroom style include:

    • Blue bathroom cabinets
    • A blue bathroom vanity
    • Blue bathroom walls that use patterned wallpaper or paint
    • Blue tiles on the floor
    • Blue bathroom accessories, such as the bathtub, sink, shower door, towels and fixtures
    • A blue ceiling

    There are no limits to the shades and applications of blue in the entire bathroom. Muretti, a New York City-based bathroom and kitchen design firm, has more than 25 years of experience completing bathroom projects. Whether yours is a renovation or a new build, you’ll discover that they have a qualified team and the technology to design a chic blue bathroom in your home.

    Is a Blue Bathroom a Good Idea?

    If you plan to renovate your bathroom, a blue bathroom is a bold choice. You can choose bright shades to awaken your senses or softer hues to give the room a soft and relaxing feeling. Blue is suggestive of the vast, deep waters that clear your mind.

    Other reasons this is one of the best bathroom colors include:

    • Its style can be bold and dramatically unique.
    • It pairs well with a clean, classic bathroom style.
    • Blue works for all types of bathrooms, whether you want a traditional, industrial, farmhouse, modern or luxury bathroom.

    Shades of blue also coordinate well with other beautiful colors.

    With a wide range of blue hues, you can incorporate accessories, custom blue bathroom cabinets in NYC and fixed items with all basic bathroom colors, including:

    A good bathroom designer helps you leverage this versatile bathroom color. At Muretti, you work closely with a dedicated bathroom design team that helps you get the best out of this beautiful bathroom color.

    What Are Stylish Blue Bathroom Ideas?

    Blue bathrooms are trendy and stylish because this is a classic color reflecting regal tranquility. For many homeowners, a basic white bathroom is what comes to mind when planning a bathroom remodel. To create a truly personal space, consider going against the tide by choosing blue.

    Then consider a wide range of ideas to give your blue bathroom a personal touch, such as incorporating:

    • A cerulean blue bathroom, the color of the sea
    • Light blue, a take on the gorgeous shade of the sky
    • Navy blue is a clean, classic, durable-looking color you can use on a navy blue bathroom vanity or on tiles, walls or curtains
    • A vintage-style blue-and-white bathroom
    • Navy blue-and-gold combinations
    • A classic blue bathroom
    • Blue marble surfaces
    • Vintage blue tiles
    • Powder blue walls for a nautical vibe
    • A cool gray-blue bathroom
    • Blue-and-brown bath
    • Wood and warmer neutrals to offset cool blue
    • Blue-painted cabinetry and bathroom vanities
    • A soothing blue bathroom
    • A contemporary blue bath
    • Bright country blue
    • A blue-and-silver bath
    • Blue-striped walls

    Bathroom designs are dynamic; new shades and styles of blue come to the market every year. Your bathroom designer helps you find the best shade of blue to suit your home’s style, the size of the bathroom and your storage needs. Muretti has the most experienced team of bathroom, kitchen and closet designers. No matter which bathroom you want to update — or maybe all of them in your home — the experts at Muretti work with you to create the most beautiful and relaxing blue bathroom. Contact the bathroom design experts at Muretti today to transform your bathroom.

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