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Modern Bathroom

There are countless reasons to remodel an out-of-date bathroom. Modern bathroom designs offer a host of more functional toilets, faucets, tubs and showers. Modern bathroom cabinets can easily renew the space to look fresh and inviting. From a mid-century modern bathroom vanity to modern white bathroom ideas, the Italian-inspired design team at Muretti in New York City transforms your worn-out bathroom into an aesthetically pleasing and functional space. New construction ideas abound at Muretti, with designers experienced in crafting modern bathrooms for multi-unit buildings. Call today to start your next bathroom upgrade.

Modern Bathroom

What Makes a Modern Bathroom?

A clean, uncluttered look defines the modern bathroom. This bathroom stays true to the modern design philosophy that focuses on form in conjunction with function. Some of the features that define this bathroom design include:

  • Straight, sleek, clean lines
  • Uncluttered counter spaces
  • Minimalist design
  • Free-standing bathtubs
  • Simplistic bathroom decor ideas
  • Geometric shapes
  • Clever storage solutions
  • Simple color palates with neutral tones
  • Industrial materials and colors — such as concrete grey, bronze brass, green glass, stainless steel silver, copper wiring and rusting steel
  • Accenting with bright and bold colors or splashes of bold red, green, yellow and blue

This is one of the most popular bathroom designs today for homeowners seeking serenity and tranquility in their living spaces. If you want to give this personal space a touch of sophistication, Muretti is your go-to bathroom designer. The experienced NYC-based bathroom designer has a talented team to transform your bathroom into an oasis.

What Are the Trending Modern Bathroom Ideas?

Modern bathroom designs are dynamic, giving you endless styling ideas for your projects. This bathroom design makes your bathroom more than a place to brush your teeth. By incorporating trendy bathroom ideas, you can turn your bathroom into a sanctuary to relax and unwind. Some of the best modern ideas to use for your bathroom include:

  • Integrated and adjustable LED lighting
  • Double sinks
  • A walk-in closet off the bathroom
  • Touchless faucet with built-in soap dispenser
  • Open, walk-in curbless showers
  • Separate soaking tub
  • A sauna or steam shower
  • Built-in television screens
  • Heated ceramic flooring
  • Dual-flush toilet
  • Flush mount lighting
  • High gloss tiles that make your bathroom shimmer and shine
  • Modern wall-mounted cabinets
  • Unique bathroom vanities
  • Advanced, smart toilet and faucets for a luxury bathroom touch
  • Separate water closet for the toilet
  • Wall-mounted, heated towel racks
  • Mid-century modern design that adds a mid-century modern bathroom vanity and other fixtures with geometric shapes, natural colors and straight lines
  • Geometric-shaped mirrors on the wall
  • Framed modern prints
  • A floor-to-ceiling mirror
  • LED tiles and door handles
  • A touch of greenery
  • Modern white bathroom look
  • Concrete and wood elements

You don’t need all these features to have a modern bathroom. Some of these are luxury items that fit the modern bathroom aesthetic. If you want a modern bathroom, focus on geometric shapes, plain styling and functional features.

How Do Custom Cabinets Fit into a Modern Bathroom?

Custom-designed cabinets from Muretti are built to match the overall style you choose. Your designer works with the space you have to create stylish storage options that look as good as they work for you. Modern styles include:

The styling options for your modern bathroom are endless. Let your creativity flow. Work with your bathroom designer from Muretti to find the best ideas for your bathroom.

Is a Modern Bathroom a Smart Idea?

This popular trend combines beauty with function. If you plan to remodel your bathroom, this is the smartest idea for the project for several reasons because it provides:

  • A sleek sophisticated look
  • Use of all available space with modern bathroom furniture and other smart integrated storage systems
  • Low maintenance
  • Less chaos, which translates into a peaceful feeling
  • Versatile bathroom styling ideas
  • The maximum use of natural lighting
  • A perfect balance between bathroom efficiency, aesthetics and design
  • Flexibility in design and customization opportunities
  • Eco-friendly design and materials

A modern bathroom design has multiple benefits. It can transform your bathroom into the focal point of your home. The team at Muretti works with you to build a sleek, relaxing and more functional bathroom. Contact the design team today or visit the Manhattan and Queens showroom to start planning to use this trendy bathroom design to update your bathroom.

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