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Bathroom Custom Designs

Designing the best bathroom — one that suits your lifestyle and your tastes — can be quite complicated. You don’t always have the space you need to stuff everything you want into the room. When you rely on bathroom design experts who know how to work with small New York City spaces, you’ll be amazed at how much you can fit in your bathroom while making it look great and function optimally. Call the Italian-inspired expert designers at NYC-based Muretti or visit their Queens showroom to begin designing your perfect bathroom.

What’s in a Bathroom Design?

A bathroom design comprises all the essential components that make this space comfortable, safe, convenient and functional to use. But the design also includes the aesthetics of the room. Whether you want to renovate, extend or build your bathroom from scratch, a bathroom design identifies all the details before you start construction.

Depending on the size of your space, your bathroom design may include:

  • Custom cabinets
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Vanities
  • A layout that suits your space and lifestyle
  • A wide range of bathroom colors
  • Which types of fixtures you’ll use
  • Stand-alone shower stall and separate tub
  • A combined shower/tub unit
  • Flooring in a wide range of tiles or other materials
  • Overhead and mirror lighting
  • Bathroom finishing touches
  • Bathroom décor

Whether you want a modern, traditional or luxury bathroom, you need a professional team for the project. The experienced designers at Muretti — a NYC based kitchen and bathroom design and fabrication company inspired by modern Italian concepts and craftsmanship — brings cutting-edge skills and technology to your project.

"A custom closet is not just about storage, it is about creating a space that you love to be in. It is a space that should be as beautiful as it is functional." - Muretti’s expert designers

Why Does Bathroom Design Matter?

As some of the most-used rooms in your home, your bathrooms require careful design so that they function properly and are pleasing to the eye. The quality of your bathroom design determines how comfortable your time is in this room. Your Muretti design team takes into account a wide range of considerations to maximize your investment, such as:

  • Using the available space to find the best storage ideas
  • Improving convenience through better layout and smart installations
  • Enhancing safety features through better lighting and high-quality fixtures
  • Increasing your energy efficiency
  • Adding the latest technology
  • Improving comfort at every turn
  • Creating a multi-use space
  • Designing long-term styling
  • Improving the value of your home
  • Adding a touch of aesthetics

Good bathroom designs transform an ordinary bathing area into a sanctuary where you love spending time. If you plan a bathroom remodel, work with a dedicated team from Muretti to review multiple design options. This collaboration helps build a custom bathroom that suits your unique needs.

What Are the Trending Bathroom Designs?

Bathroom designs are dynamic, with new trends coming to the market every year. From large to small bathroom designs, your bathroom designer works with you to find the best fit.


Some of the trending bathroom styles include:

  • Black bathrooms for a contemporary, dramatic look
  • Smart bathrooms fitted with high-tech smart appliances such as toilets, speakers, automated showers, voice-activated lighting and temperature-controlled heating
  • A vintage look using brass and gold appliances, ideal in blue bathrooms
  • Industrial styled sinks and vanities that pair well in a gray bathroom
  • Big bathtubs and open showers
  • Floating bathroom vanities
  • Asymmetrical and artistic mirrors
  • Trendy wood accents
  • Compact bathroom storage, including corner bathroom storage cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets and built-in closets
  • Pops of bold bathroom colors, from pink and green to red and metallic colors

Spruce up your bathroom with these or other design ideas. Muretti can make it more functional, energy-efficient and aesthetically appealing. Visit the company’s showroom in Queens for ideas and samples of well-designed bathrooms.

How Can I Design My Dream Bathroom?

Everyone has a dream bathroom, but to make it a reality requires a lot of research and planning. Most people never build their dream bathrooms because of the work involved.

If you have a bathroom remodeling project in mind, the Muretti designers ensure that you’ve given thought to things like:

  • The number of people in your home and how often you entertain guests
  • What style is prominent in the rest of your home
  • How you use your bathroom and what you can do without
  • Convenience, energy-efficiency, safety and comfort
  • Low-maintenance materials
  • Expressing your style with fittings and art
  • Creating the right mood with the color choice

At Muretti, you get an experienced team of expert bathroom designers in New York City who work with the installers you choose. Get in touch today for bathroom remodeling consultations and new building ideas.

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