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Bathroom Furniture

Too often, homeowners give bathroom furniture short shrift because it seems like a waste of precious remodeling resources. But when you walk into your newly built or remodeled bathroom and find bathroom furniture that’s not just functional, but highly attractive, you’ll be glad you gave it a little extra thought. When you rely on the Italian-inspired designers and master craftsmen at Muretti, you’ll understand how the right custom-designed bathroom furniture can transform an ordinary grooming space into a functioning oasis to start and end your days.

Bathroom Furniture

What Is Essential Bathroom Furniture?

Essential bathroom furniture turns your bathroom from a place where you take quick showers and do your mundane daily grooming to the perfect get-away inside your home. Once you discover the difference a bathroom makeover can make in your life, you won’t want anything less. The space becomes a sanctuary where you can rest and unwind after a tough day at work. For the modern bathroom, essential furniture includes:

  • Bathroom vanities that serve as extra storage units and aesthetic fixtures
  • Custom bathroom cabinets that use every available inch of your bathroom for maximum efficiency
  • Bathroom fixtures that fit in nicely with your style of choice
  • Mirrors mounted properly, where they’re most useful
  • Countertops that suit the bathroom colors you’ve chosen

There is furniture to suit all bathroom designs on the market. Whether you have a traditional, modern or luxury bathroom design, the team at Muretti can help you choose the best bathroom designs and furniture to suit your tastes and lifestyle. They’re experienced NYC-based bathroom custom cabinet designers and high-quality Italian manufacturers.

Why Does Bathroom Furniture Matter?

The furniture you choose for your bathroom give it a touch of serenity and beauty. While the plumbing takes care of your basic needs, the furniture provides the essential accoutrements that define the comfort and functionality of your room. It’s perfect for rejuvenating both your body and mind. When you have plans for a bathroom remodel or new construction, take into consideration how the ideal bathroom furniture pieces can achieve a balance of value and benefits. For the best choice of bathroom designs, Muretti is your go-to bathroom designer for such design issues as:

  • Maximizing all available space
  • Providing convenient storage solutions
  • Adding touches of luxury
  • Enhancing the aesthetics
  • Improving the functionality of your bathroom
  • Increasing your safety
  • Adding custom bathroom furniture that suits your unique needs
  • Blending functionality and aesthetics

What Is the Best Bathroom Storage Furniture?

To get the most out of your space, choose high-quality bathroom furniture. The main area of focus for bathroom furniture is the cabinetry. Bathroom cabinets fulfill the crucial function of storage, while providing an element of style that add to the aesthetics of the room. Custom-designed bathroom cabinets offer the practicalities of decluttering by letting you use every nook. The variety of cabinet designs available allows you to customize at every decision point, too. Muretti designers create cabinets that fit your space and complement your chosen style with options such as:

  • Distressed cabinets
  • Mirrored cabinets
  • Flat cabinets
  • Custom-style cabinetry

The best bathroom storage furniture incorporates custom cabinets that are useful and beautiful. Muretti creates the perfect balance for all your needs and desires with options that include:

Is a Bathroom Vanity Necessary?

A bathroom vanity combines the sink or basin with the storage opportunities surrounding it. This bathroom furniture piece may be part of the cabinetry, but it also hides the plumbing. Vanity sinks help keep your bathroom tidy and neat. They add functionality with a dash of beauty. You can choose a vanity made of anything from marble to particleboard. Common types of bathroom vanities include a:

  • Free-standing vanity
  • Vanity cabinet
  • Wall-mounted cabinet
  • Floating vanity
  • Vessel vanity
  • Under-sink mounted cabinet

Bathroom furniture transforms your bathroom into a safer, comfortable, more convenient and functional space. It adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. And since Muretti works with any contractor in New York City for professional bathroom installations, you’re assured of perfect results. Muretti leverages more than 25 years’ experience in this industry. Contact Muretti today for a consultation.

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