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Free-Standing Bathroom Cabinets

Sometimes, the shape and size of your bathroom leaves little room for permanent bathroom floor storage cabinets. When you’ve got an odd space or extra room that’s out of the way, free-standing bathroom cabinets may be the ideal solution. A bathroom standing cabinet, custom-made by Italian manufacturers through New York City-based Muretti, is functional, elegant and lasts a lifetime. Muretti provides a wide range of free-standing bathroom cabinets to fulfill all your storage needs. Visit the Manhattan and Queens showroom or call to arrange an in-home consultation before you give up on having sufficient storage in your new bathroom.

Free-Standing Bathroom Cabinets

Are Free-Standing Bathroom Cabinets Back in Style?

Free-standing bathroom cabinets are now trending in modern bathrooms. This type of custom bathroom cabinet is placed on the floor without any permanent fixture. It can even be on wheels for easy mobility. A standing cabinet has all-round finishing to easily blend with your other bathroom décor. This is a classic piece of bathroom furniture, and it offers an array of benefits, including:

  • Blending aesthetics and functionality
  • Creating or maximizing space in your small bathroom
  • Being an affordable storage system
  • Providing bathroom storage for your toiletries or towels
  • Blending well with the existing bathroom décor
  • Being made from a variety of quality materials
  • Coming in multiple sizes, including tall bathroom cabinets, narrow cabinets and small storage cabinets
  • Giving you trendy cabinets to spruce up your bathroom
  • Being easy to maintain
  • Offering flexibility and ease for installing and placing the cabinets
  • Making the space feel elegant and tailored
  • Allowing multiple options for customization

If you want to leverage this classic bathroom storage idea, talk to professional bathroom designers at Muretti. Based in New York City, this home remodeling company has an experienced custom design and manufacturing team to create the perfect storage for your bathroom.

What Are the Best Free-Standing Bathroom Cabinets?

The best bathroom standing cabinet suits your storage needs and blends easily with your existing bathroom décor. If you have a new-build bathroom or a remodeling project, your bathroom designer introduces you to a wide variety of storage systems. Some of the trendy features of free-standing bathroom cabinets include:

  • Wood finishes for that classic style in your bathroom — you can even choose from a wide selection of dark, light or medium wood finishes
  • Metal free-standing bathroom cabinets for a modern bathroom feel
  • Exceptional use of all the available space with corner bathroom storage cabinets
  • Directional wheels on free-standing cabinets

Muretti designers take into consideration the entire theme of your bathroom, including the colors you’ve chosen. Floor-standing bathroom storage cabinets fit well in every style, including:

Working with Muretti helps you get the most out of this versatile storage system. Their team has experience in all bathroom cabinets, and they can recommend a contractor to do the installation. Muretti brings decades of experience designing and building kitchens and closets, too.

Where Do I Find the Best Free-Standing Bathroom Cabinets?

When choosing a bathroom floor storage cabinet, work with an experienced bathroom designer. Muretti has been a leader in the industry since 1995, designing Italian-made bathrooms. They’re your best partner to fulfill this need for you. The expert designers consider all factors before recommending the best bathroom standing cabinet. Factors include:

  • Bathroom size. The size of your bathroom plays a determining role in finding the right size of free-standing cabinet to fit the space.
  • Existing bathroom décor. Your storage system should blend easily with the existing décor or create a beautiful contrast of colors.
  • Bathroom layout. The floor plan and the location of your bathroom features guide the cabinet placement.
  • Number of bathroom users. In general, the greater the number of people using a bathroom, the more storage you need.
  • Customization details. Choose a cabinet that’s easy to customize with designs and handles to suit your storage needs while looking great.

Free-standing bathroom cabinets combine functionality and aesthetics. A bathroom designer at Muretti works with you during the entire project, from designing the best size, style and location of the cabinets, to the delivery of your cabinetry. Contact Muretti today to get professional advice on all bathroom remodeling needs.

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