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Built-In Closets

Built-in closets don’t have to be boring single-door storage places that don’t add anything to your overall décor. When you rely on expert Italian-trained designers at Muretti in New York City, you’ll find a slew of options for building a wall unit with style and panache. Consider varying kinds of doors, natural wood finishes or even metal doors to suit a retro or contemporary style. The options are endless, so you never have to settle for boring again. Rely on the expert designers from Muretti to fulfill your needs with style. Call today to schedule an in-home consultation.

Built-In Closets

What Are the Features of a Built-In Closet?

A built-in closet is a storage system fitted into the architecture of your home. The closet design blends seamlessly into the rest of the décor, taking up no apparent space, but it’s actually hidden behind the room’s walls. Other features of this wall closet may include:

  • Drawers
  • Shelves for hats and handbags
  • A shoe storage system
  • Custom lighting
  • Valet rods
  • Belt and tie racks
  • A mirror
  • Open or behind closet doors

  A built-in closet is one of the most popular closet systems in modern home designs. It works in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, studies, home offices, hallways and other areas of your living space. There’s a wide range of styling options to suit your storage and decorating needs. Muretti — the New York City-based closet, kitchen and bath expert — has become the go-to closet supplier since 1995. They design your closet, manufacture the components and can help you arrange installation of your new storage system. Based on 25-plus years of satisfied clients, they make sure to do it right.

Is A Built-In Closet Right for Your Home?

The choice of a built-in closet for a new build or remodel depends on your home storage needs, as well as the available space and architecture of your home. This type of closet combines convenience and function in your home. This architectural feature may become a selling point of your home or remain a silent partner in the room design. When you’re trying to decide on the best closet organizer system, consider the advantages of a custom built-in closet. The benefits include:

  • Minimalistic design for your living space
  • A low-maintenance storage solution
  • Complementary to the interior décor aesthetics
  • Maximizes the available space
  • Perfect storage system for small kitchens, bathrooms and other limited spaces
  • Easy organization with everything in plain sight
  • Perfect storage for awkward spaces with angles and curves
  • Can be built to fill alcoves, corners and other nooks and crannies
  • Provides additional storage room
  • A clean, neater and more organized look for your home
  • Ease of customization
  • Sized to fit storage accessories that suit your personal requirements
  • Integrated lighting for added convenience and a touch of style
  • An easy-to-build closet that perfectly suits your needs
  • Multiple door options to suit your style or storage needs

What Door Style Works Best for a Built-in Closet?

There’s a versatile range of closet doors to suit any closet style. When choosing a door for your built-in closet, consider the rest of the room’s décor, the closet size and your need for convenience. Your Muretti designer is pleased to provide you with advice and recommendations since you have a wide range of built-in closet ideas to choose from. Some of the popular doors styles for this storage system include:

Designing the right closet door makes a big difference, but most homeowners overlook them when remodeling their homes. Whether you’re creating a luxury bathroom, a contemporary kitchen or a minimalist living room, your closet designer gives you a broad range of built-in closet styles, closet organizers and doors from which to choose.

Muretti supplies high-quality Italian-made closets to suit any storage needs or décor style. Contact the design team today to discuss a stunning built-in closet system for your home.

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