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Closet Systems

With a wealth of affordable closet systems available, New York City-based Muretti will blow your mind with what they can do through customization while still staying within your budget. Italian designs never looked so good. Muretti’s designers make your home look better and more organized than ever before. Within the limited space so prevalent in New York City homes, they create closet systems that take advantage of every spare inch. Don’t settle for less than the best. Call the expert design team at Muretti today for custom closets.

Closet Systems

    What Are the Common Types of Closets?

    The most common closets have a door, shelves and a rod on which to hang clothes. But your closets needn’t be common or ordinary with such a wide variety of closet designs to choose from. And closet systems continue to evolve.

    The most effective closet organizer systems provide you with space to organize your stuff in the most efficient manner. And when you rely on the Italian designers at Muretti, your closets will look good too.

    Popular closet styles include:

    • Walk-in closet. Most common in bedrooms, walk-in closets provide you with enough storage capacity and room to move around freely while figuring out what to wear.
    • Reach-in closet. The is a small closet that typically gives you only an arm’s-length amount of depth. It usually has just a rod to hang clothes with minimal shelving.
    • Armoire or wardrobe closet. Wardrobes are stylish closet cabinets that can be custom designed in a variety of sizes and patterns and serve many storage purposes.
    • Linen closet. A type of a reach-in closet that’s narrow and usually located in hallways between bathrooms and bedrooms or in a large, luxury bathroom.
    • Built-in closet. A custom closet, sometimes referred to as a wall closet, that forms part of the home’s architecture. It’s built into one of the walls to serve as a storage point. Built-in closets are often used as a coat closet near your entryways.

    Homeowners are getting more closet systems to choose from every year. Muretti, the home designer based in New York City, has expertise in a wide range of handcrafted Italian closet solutions to suit any home. It makes sense, then, to see all your options before making a decision.

    Why Use Custom Closet Solutions?


    Closet systems declutter your living space by providing orderly storage. They’re more often part of your walls than furniture, although Muretti’s cabinet artists create beautiful custom-designed wardrobes you’ll be proud to display.

    Prepared properly with the right dimensions while taking into consideration your family’s needs and lifestyle, your closets serve multiple functions, such as:

    • Maximizing available space, including wall and floor space
    • Creating space-saving solutions for small NYC apartments
    • Adding convenience with walk-in closets
    • Meeting unique storage needs
    • Improving the aesthetics in your bedroom
    • Providing unique closet styles through the use of different closet doors, colors, materials and other features to blend with the rest of your home
    • Increasing your home value
    • Creating a calm, serene environment in your bedroom
    • Making every room more manageable

    You have a wide range of affordable modular closet systems in NYC available to fit your storage and decorating needs. Your closet design team at Muretti not only helps you find the best storage solution, but also advises on the best way to blend it into the existing architecture.

    What’s the Best Door Style for My Closet?

    The choice of the closet door affects the aesthetics and functionality of your closet. While closet doors are essential, they’re the most overlooked necessities during remodeling and new building construction.

    Muretti offers a number of closet door options to fit your home’s décor, such as:

    Sliding closet doors Even the most boring closet can become a new focal point of your bedroom when you work with a professional closet installer. Muretti has over 25 years in the industry, so you can trust them for your closet manufacture. Closets transform your cluttered rooms into more organized living space. Visit the Manhattan and Queens showroom or contact them today to find the best modular closet systems in NYC for your needs.

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