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Glass Kitchen Cabinets

While glass front kitchen cabinets are a great way to showcase your beautiful serving dishes and dinnerware, they also serve as way to increase the space of your kitchen without knocking down any walls. Since New York City kitchens are traditionally small, glass kitchen cabinets create the illusion of more space, while taking advantage of any natural or electrical lighting. The Italian-influenced designers at Muretti offer cabinets to suit your space and your tastes. Check out the photo gallery of kitchen cabinet ideas or call the designers at Muretti today for an in-house appointment.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets NYC

    Why Choose Glass Kitchen Cabinets and Glass Front Cabinet Doors?

    Glass kitchen cabinets use light reflection to enhance the brightness and naturally illuminate the dark corners of your kitchen. Adding glass front cabinets to your kitchen design also increases how you perceive the room’s depth. Glass cabinets create variety in a long row of cabinets and provide more areas to display your unique décor and treasured heirlooms. Muretti’s designers take pride in their ability to use glass. By employing only high-quality clear, textured or frosted glass, they add an element of beauty to your kitchen style, whether you have a luxury kitchen or a traditional kitchen.

    More specifically, they:

    • Create designs that take advantage of contrasts — with some glass cabinets and some solid cabinets
    • Bring out the beauty of your kitchen in subtle ways
    • Use their creativity to deliver solutions that add character to your kitchen

    What Are the Most Popular Types of Glass Kitchen Cabinets?

    The most popular glass kitchen cabinets provide a decorative and organized way to display your prized kitchen items. Glass can also be used to create a display cabinet or an enclosed island bar to separate your kitchen space. There are four distinct types of glass that Muretti’s designers typically use to transform the style of your glass kitchen in NYC.

    They include:

    • Clear glass, which is compatible in any type of kitchen — and so useful when you want your display items to be noticed or easily located
    • Back-painted glass that’s considerably more artistic, providing a beautiful accent to kitchen cabinets that can be used to either show off or hide items in your kitchen
    • Frosted glass, a highly decorative way to conceal what you have on your shelves or in your cabinets, while adding a touch of style, ideal to soften the look of a high gloss kitchen
    • Textured glass that encompasses a large variety of design options. In modern kitchens, for example, textured glass is a way to hide unorganized items and still create a visually organized appearance.

    As with every luxury upgrade, implementing designer glass in your kitchen design is an investment in your home. With glass front kitchen cabinets, the value and beauty of your home increases. Additionally, Muretti glass kitchen cabinets and glass front kitchen doors are able to withstand the everyday use and wear-and-tear of family life.

    What Are the Most Effective Ways to Add Glass to My Kitchen Cabinets?

    Effective design incorporating glass creates a focal point that enhances the beauty of your kitchen’s unique storage and display space. Muretti’s team cleverly implement designs that promote visual as well as practical options to achieve this goal by including such effects as:

    • Frameless glass front cabinets, great for contemporary kitchens, as they’re more modern and include single sheets of glass without wooden dividers
    • Glass front peninsula cabinets that allow more light to saturate an area that’s been divided to create more room
    • Decorative glass front cabinets with a wide variety of design options that add texture and character to any kitchen
    • Glass front base cabinets, which incorporate glass in lower cabinet spaces to provide a spacious, sleek visual effect
    • Painted glass front cabinets that maintain their glossy appearance, but are decoratively painted on the back side

    Muretti has been designing glass kitchen cabinets for more than 30 years. Their designers use glass to improve and enhance the beauty of your kitchen. They take pride in helping you find exactly the right fit to turn your kitchen into a beautiful, well-organized display of your family heritage. Contact the team today or visit the Manhattan and Queens showroom for a wealth of kitchen remodeling ideas.

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