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Luxury Kitchen

When the rest of your home reflects your refined tastes and luxurious style; your kitchen needs to blend with that overall theme, as well. To make sure you end up with nothing but the very best, rely on inspired designers with decades of experience creating luxury kitchen designs. A modern luxury kitchen created by Muretti, a New York City-based kitchen and bath design firm, always delivers the utmost perfection in unique Italian-made cabinets to add to the top-of-the-line materials you’ve chosen for your kitchen. Whether you’re doing a luxury kitchen remodel or developing ideas for a luxury white kitchen, trust the European designers at Muretti for creative vision and follow-through. Call today for a consultation.

Luxury Kitchen NYC

What Makes a Kitchen a Luxury Kitchen?

A luxury kitchen < Link to Kitchens> is innovative because it uses the latest technology, and it’s stylish because it reflects your discerning tastes. These kitchens may be contemporary, < Link to Contemporary Kitchen> traditional < Link to Traditional Kitchen> or modern < Link to Modern Kitchen> in style. Every luxury kitchen, however, still has to be functional. Your luxury kitchen design includes durable, high-quality details of your choosing, such as:

  • A Marble Backsplash
  • Solid Brass Hardware
  • Glass Inserts In Luxury Kitchen Cabinets < Link To Glass Kitchen Cabinets>
  • Industrial-Grade Kitchen < Link To Industrial Kitchen> Appliances
  • A Show-Stopping Chandelier
  • Recessed Lighting And Fans

When you rely on handcrafted cabinetmakers and Italian kitchen design < Link to About Kitchen Design> masters at New York City-based Muretti, < Link to About the Company> it’s your ideas of luxury that matter most. Your small, < Link to Small Kitchen Designs> medium < Link to Medium Kitchen Designs> or large kitchen < Link to Larger Kitchen Designs> becomes the centerpiece of your luxurious home when it’s designed, built and installed < Link to About Installations> by Muretti.

Is a Luxury White Kitchen in Style?

One of the most popular modern luxury kitchen designs relies on a basic white palette. Like a blank canvas, a luxury white kitchen < Link to White Kitchen> provides you with basic elegance that easily transforms any space into a thing of beauty. The designers at Muretti find the timeless popularity of white kitchens to be the perfect backdrop for a luxury kitchen of any style.

A luxury white kitchen always appears clean and bright. It suits a minimalistic design or the ornate decorations found in a traditional kitchen. A kitchen done in white embodies luxury with:

  • Textured Patterns Or Hand-Sewn Tapestries On Seating Upholstery In Tones That Complement Colored Accents, Adding Warmth And Elegance
  • Marbled Countertops With Veins That Speak Of Ancient Beginnings
  • Striking Beams Of Natural Wood That Balance The Cool White Tones Throughout
  • Innovative Designs That Move Seamlessly With The Flow Of Your Kitchen And Adjoining Living Spaces
  • Solid Fixtures Of Brass Or Gold That Gleam With Polished Elegance
  • Luxury Kitchen Cabinets, Custom-Designed With Elegant Italian Styling, That May Include Some Glass-Fronted < Link To Glass Kitchen Cabinets> And Open Cabinets To Display Your Finer Serving Dishes

What Goes into a Luxury Kitchen Remodel?

Typically, a luxury kitchen remodel requires a sizeable budget, although the Muretti team finds the most reasonable prices for your desired materials. Be prepared to pay more for the signature pieces that highlight a top-notch luxury space. Your wish list may include:

  • Top-Of-The-Line Kitchen Appliances
  • Integrated Technology Consistent With A Luxury Smart Home
  • Innovative Designs And Remodeling Ideas < Link To Kitchen Remodeling Ideas> To Repurpose Or Reconfigure Your Space
  • High Gloss < Link To High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets> Or Sleek Metal Cabinets To Complement Your Style
  • Intricately Carved Moldings

Additions that suit your tastes and lifestyle make your luxury kitchen truly unique. Some alternative features of your luxury kitchen may include:

  • A Brick Wood-Fired Oven
  • Custom-Built Refrigerator Doors
  • An Open Fireplace
  • A Walk-In Pantry
  • A Coffee Bar
  • A Cast-Iron Enamel Sink
  • Built-In Computer Screens
  • A Cast-Iron Enamel Sink
  • Wirelessly Controlled Oven
  • Double Kitchen Islands
  • Countertops Made From Exotic Woods
  • Bamboo Floor Covering

Your options are limited only by your space. When you’ve got your mind set on a luxury kitchen, there’s no stopping you. Allow your imagination to soar — and rely on the Muretti team — to gain the freedom to take your kitchen to new heights within your home. The Muretti designers bring your ideas to life. Visit the Muretti showroom < Link to Kitchen Showroom> or contact the design experts < Link to Contact> for an in-home consultation.

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