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Large Kitchen Designs

How you design a large kitchen space is determined only by the depth of your imagination and the size of your budget. When you rely on the expert custom kitchen designers at NYC-based Muretti, you’ll find a wealth of options to suit any style and level of creation. Have cabinets built with glass fronts to show off your fine dinnerware. Add fine wooden cabinets crafted in an old-world style. Or build a retro-looking industrial kitchen with huge appliances and plenty of cooking space. Check out the photo gallery for more ideas and call Muretti when you’re ready to construct your dream kitchen.

Large Kitchen Designs NYC

What’s So Special about Large Kitchen Design?

A carefully planned large kitchen design reflects your love for your home and family. Your kitchen is one of the most important areas in your home. Small and medium size kitchens have their own priorities. A large kitchen is a dream come true for anyone who likes to cook or bake, which is why the overall design means so much to you. A large kitchen becomes the area where nourishment is prepared, the place your family gets together to make memories and where you entertain guests. If you have children, it may even be the area where kids do their homework or art projects. The advantages to having a large kitchen include:

  • Easy access to all appliances
  • Ability to move freely around the kitchen while cooking
  • Plenty of kitchen cabinet storage possibilities
  • Sufficient counter space
  • Room to add seating

Consult the knowledgeable and experienced designers at Muretti for the best, Italian-inspired ideas for your large kitchen. They take your unique needs and preferences into account while delivering kitchen solutions that bring joy to your family for many years to come.

What Kind of Kitchen Design Works in Large Spaces?

Just about any kitchen design layout can work well in a large space. Some types of effective large kitchen designs include:

Along with kitchen style, consider the kitchen colors you want to emphasize. The colors you choose have to stand up to the space a large kitchen occupies. For example:

  • Neutral colors such as cream or white always make a good choice because they allow you to add boldness in other areas, such as wall hangings and chair cushions.
  • If you have an open floor plan, you may want to choose a color scheme that matches the adjoining rooms.
  • A large kitchen easily supports darker kitchen colors, like black or dark blue.

What Kitchen Cabinets Work Best in Large Kitchen Designs?

With plenty of room for kitchen cabinets, choose cabinet material that’s attractive and sturdy. Well-crafted cabinets can last as long as 50 years. Consider your overall large kitchen design when choosing your kitchen cabinets, including the effect of windows and floor style. Options that look especially good in large kitchens include:

Just about any color cabinet can work in a large kitchen. While small kitchens benefit from light-colored cabinets, large kitchens can include either light-colored cabinets or dark-colored cabinets, especially if there’s plenty of natural lighting. Additionally, the custom cabinet makers at Muretti can create free-standing and portable kitchen cabinets that not only blend with your overall style, but also make your tasks all that much easier.

Where Can I Find Expert Large Kitchen Design Guidance?

In the New York City area, look no further than Muretti, where Italian-trained experts can help you select the best materials and style to express your own preferences in your large kitchen. Whether you’re building new or undergoing a total makeover, you’ll appreciate the flexibility you get with customized build and design. Take your time planning the look of your large kitchen. Whether you prefer a kitchen that’s neutral and subdued or one full of bold or contrasting colors, your kitchen should be exactly as you envision it. With so much space to fill in your spacious kitchen, talk to experts that can help you make decisions. For large kitchen design options, visit the Muretti showroom in Manhattan and Queens or contact the pros today.

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