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Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The texture, color and glow of natural wood kitchen cabinets have made them a staple for generations. But there’s always new ways to use old favorites, and wood is no different. Talk to an Italian-inspired kitchen designer from Muretti in New York City for ideas about using wooden cabinets in your kitchen remodel or new construction. Wood is a versatile material and has many looks, depending on the type of wood and the stain or varnish you use. Call today for new ideas about an old favorite.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets NYC

Are Wood Kitchen Cabinets Making a Comeback?

Wood kitchen cabinets never fell out of favor. Whether painted or stained, wood is one of the favorite materials for kitchen cabinets. Wood is stronger than laminate and warmer than metal. And wood kitchen cabinets generally last for decades. According to a 2019 study, wooden cabinets have always been in vogue. Slightly less popular than white kitchen cabinets, wood kitchen cabinets account for 25 percent of the kitchen cabinet market. The variety in the wood — along with its texture, tone, grains and paneling styles — gives your kitchen an inviting ambience. You haven’t considered every kitchen remodeling idea until you’ve looked at whether to add wood kitchen cabinets to your current kitchen design layout.

Why Is Wood So Popular for Kitchen Cabinets?

Homeowners especially love the richness and warmth of wood. There’s just something relaxing about look and feel of wood that makes your kitchen cozy. Another of its charms is that natural wood kitchen cabinets match so many different kitchen colors, such as:

Muretti, a European kitchen and bathroom design firm in New York City, focuses on providing your dream kitchen to fill the space you have. At their kitchen showroom near you in Manhattan and Queens, you find samples of cabinet styles that can enhance small kitchens, medium size kitchens and large kitchens. The kitchen designers at Muretti specialize in creating custom layouts for your functional needs that reflect your aesthetics and your lifestyle, no matter what your preferred style, including a:

What Different Looks Do Wood Cabinets Enable?

Your kitchen is at the heart of your home. So consider how you want your kitchen to feel. You may want it to welcome you every day, from the moment you stumble in to grab your first cup of coffee to dinnertime when the family sits down for homecooked meals. Perhaps you just want your kitchen to be functional. Wood cabinets answer both those wishes. Your discussion with your Muretti designer may not center around whether to include wooden cabinets. That may be a given. It may not even involve the cost or installation. Instead, your primary discussion may be about the style of your kitchen cabinets. Your choices include:

  • Flat cabinets. Simple and yet elegant, this style of cabinet uses minimal hardware while providing clean lines for a contemporary look.
  • Distressed cabinets. This gives your kitchen more of a vintage appearance, but they also blend well with more modern elements, such as glossy countertops, focused lighting and shiny appliances.
  • Beadboard cabinets. Beadboard paneling gives the cabinets a much different look. Use stained, neutral wood colors or try high gloss accents. These cabinets shine with the right hardware.
  • Shaker cabinets. A return to clean lines and minimal detailing gives this trend its appeal. It matches a contemporary or traditional style kitchen.
  • Open or glass-front cabinets. Wooden cabinets that provide open shelving with or without glass cabinet doors gives your kitchen a dynamic effect. Scatter several of these cabinets where needed to showcase your serving ware.

Let an experienced kitchen designer step you through your options. When you’re ready to start your next kitchen remodeling project or if you have a large residential construction project, contact the professionals at Muretti for an in-house consultation.

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