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Gray Kitchen

You may think gray is an unconventional color for a kitchen, but it’s more popular than you may imagine. The beauty of using gray as a primary color is that it has many wonderful shades. It also blends well with so many secondary or accent colors. At Muretti, an Italian-inspired kitchen design company in New York City, you can explore all the ways a gray kitchen or gray kitchen cabinets enhance the look you’re going for in your kitchen. Call Muretti today to set up an in-house consultation with expert designers.

Gray Kitchens

Why Would I Want a Gray Kitchen?

For a great alternative to the classic white kitchen or a cream-colored kitchen, try a gray kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a design for a small kitchen, a medium-sized kitchen or a large kitchen, this color provides a neutral foundation to let your imagination take flight. You may not consider gray a suitable color for a traditional kitchen, but modern kitchens and contemporary kitchens work well with gray as a foundational color. The neutral shade invokes an eclectic mood that sparks curiosity.

What Accents Work with a Gray Kitchen?

Muretti designers are available at the company’s Manhattan and Queens kitchen showroom to discuss your kitchen design layout and visionary plans. Even if a gray kitchen doesn’t initially inspire your confidence, you can choose other kitchen colors to accent the base color. Gray kitchen cabinets, along with other gray features, work well with accents and highlights in other colors. Accent color options you may want to consider for your kitchen include:

Are Gray Kitchen Cabinets Timeless?

Timeless and beautiful, gray kitchen cabinets give your kitchen a subtle and elegant class, as long as they reflect the style of your kitchen. Choose from shaker cabinets, craftsman style cabinets, country cabinets or slab cabinets to bring more definition and attention to your gray kitchen. Consider including open-shelving cabinets for easy access to items that you use the most. Custom kitchen cabinets are a focal point in any kitchen. In your kitchen, gray cabinets benefit from judiciously applying different shades of the color. Shades of gray include:

  • Dove gray. A lighter gray color, dove gray blends well with darker colors like black and navy blue. You can even match dove gray with glass kitchen cabinets for an elegant contemporary look. Also, adding yellow lighting brings up the mood level to romantic, giving the neutral gray color a sun kiss touch.
  • Blue gray. Notably a moody color, blue gray goes well with neutral colors like white or lighter gray. This color complements a wood countertop well, especially when there’s a light-colored floor tiling. Kitchen ideas that include a galley kitchen or an L-shaped kitchen accentuate the stormy, moody feeling.
  • Green gray. If you love green and wonder how you can add a splash of nature’s favorite color, choose this neutral color that gives off a calming aura. White, brown and tan colors blend well with green gray, giving laminate kitchen cabinets a unique hint of originality.
  • Greige. A mix of beige and gray is one of the trendiest colors in the city. Because of the earthy undertones, you can add natural wood kitchen cabinets or bamboo woven baskets. You can also use brown marble or granite for your main countertop or that of your kitchen island.
  • Charcoal gray. Mysterious with smoky undertones, this shade of gray is perfect for people who like black. The easiest of the gray hues to match, you can add metal kitchen cabinets and appliances for an industrial kitchen look. To make the gray pop out, use contrasting colors like orange, navy blue or sky blue for the kitchen tiles.
  • Elephant gray. Cool and natural, this shade of gray oozes sophisticated elegance. Dark countertops with a metallic backsplash up the ante. You can even add high gloss kitchen cabinets or some distressed kitchen cabinets in a darker gray for an in-vogue effect.

Consider a gray kitchen when you remodel or start a new construction project. The designers at Muretti navigate the color hues to those that both suit your tastes and fit the space of your planned kitchen. Contact the Italian-inspired designers in NYC today to start planning your next kitchen.

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