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Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Laminate kitchen cabinets used to be the cheapest option for cabinets. The new laminates are stronger, more attractive and still one of the most inexpensive options for your kitchen cabinets. Just because your budget is limited doesn’t mean you can’t design a kitchen to be both beautiful and high-quality. Check out the samples of laminate kitchen cabinets at the Muretti kitchen showroom in Manhattan and Queens, NY. Call today for a consultation.

Laminate Kitchen Cabinets NYC

    Are Laminate Kitchen Cabinets Any Good?

    Old or faded laminate kitchen cabinets are often the reason you start dreaming up kitchen remodeling designs. Today’s laminates adorn high-quality laminate cabinets that are durable and attractive. Laminate surfacing is still among the more inexpensive options for kitchen cabinets, which presents both pros and cons. Laminate cabinets have their uses. For some, they’ve become the go-to choice for chic kitchens.

    Whether you need a small kitchen design, a medium kitchen design or a large kitchen design, laminate cabinets fit nearly every kitchen color and style, such as:

    Muretti is a kitchen design company based in New York City, but infused with Italian skill and artistry. They provide custom-fit laminate kitchen cabinets for people looking for a specific look that has value and durability. While wood kitchen cabinets are always in style, laminate offers much more in color and texture.

    Which Laminate Is Best for My Kitchen Cabinets?

    If you believe every kitchen has a character, then you can find a laminate surface for each one. While the classic white laminate kitchen cabinets in NYC are timeless, you have a nearly infinite selection of laminates to choose from. Think about your kitchen layout and how you and your family members use the kitchen before researching any kitchen ideas. Different laminates provide distinct looks. Even commercial laminate kitchen cabinets, which you could select for your home, require discussion and planning. Consult your budget, meet with your Muretti designers and review the space you have. All play critical roles in your ultimate kitchen design. In the end, the laminate you end up choosing depends on the functionality of your kitchen.

    Options to consider include:

    • Anti-fingerprint laminates. Families with small children rave about this laminate. Due to its resistance to fingerprints, dirt, heat and scratches, the laminate creates durable kitchen cabinets. Grease marks and smudges also don’t show up, and cleaning doesn’t require any special treatments, just a damp cloth.
    • Antibacterial laminates. Hygiene is top priority in most households, especially when children are around. This laminate comes with a special anti-fungal and antibacterial coating that decreases the growth of microbes and makes it resistant to mold, termites and other pathogens.
    • Matte finish laminates. For heavy-use kitchens, this laminate is an ideal choice. The matte finish has low reflection, making any dirt or stains nearly invisible. It also hides scratches while being easy to maintain.
    • Gloss finish laminates. If you like high gloss kitchen cabinets but want something simpler, you’re bound to love this laminate. For smaller kitchens, the light brightens the space, making it appear larger.
    • Textured laminates. If you love kitchen cabinets to look natural, but are afraid to buy the real deal, choose textured laminates that come in materials like wood, stone, raw silk, suede and so on. You can even add in a few glass kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen a rich, luxurious look.

    Check out how much variety the new laminates offer. Check Muretti’s kitchen showroom in Manhattan and Queens, and use the samples to visualize your own kitchen space outfitted with laminate cabinets. Contact the expert designers at Muretti today to bring your ideas to life.

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