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Cream-Colored Kitchen

Cream and white have been safe bets as kitchen colors for ages, but new shades of cream have invigorated recent kitchen designs. Cream-colored kitchens now incorporate other colors to add exciting or soothing accents for your cooking and eating space. Cream is a neutral color that accommodates other colors, although cream-colored kitchen cabinets continue to be popular. Call on Muretti kitchen designers to fashion the cream-colored kitchen of your dreams.

Cream-Colored Kitchen

Are Cream-Colored Kitchens Still in Style?

The quintessential cream-colored kitchen never goes out of style. Classy and elegant as always, it’s softer than a stark white kitchen. From ivory to soft beige or fluffy yellow, cream-colored kitchens come in different shades. This perhaps is the appeal, as any splash of color accentuates your overall cream-colored kitchen remodeling ideas. Your kitchen can be a happy, warm place where your family and guests meet and eat in delight. Muretti offers trendy kitchens. You start the design process with a kitchen design layout that incorporates your preferred kitchen style. You can choose a:

Colors have a deep psychological effect on mood. Your Italian designer knows that cream captures the natural light and designs your kitchen accordingly. Natural light and properly placed light fixtures often enhance the elegance and warmth of cream kitchens.

Do I Need Cream-Colored Kitchen Cabinets?

For a consistent look, you may prefer cream-colored cabinets in your cream kitchen. They create a graceful, symmetrical appearance that always looks great. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play with other colors. Try using different shades of cream for some contrast — such as on the tiles, flooring or countertop. Accenting cream-colored kitchen cabinets with other kitchen colors is another way to add a dramatic effect to your kitchen environment. You can choose soft hues or stark contrasts in colors such as:

What Kind of Kitchen Do Cream Kitchen Cabinets Complement?

Most kitchen styles can accommodate cream-colored cabinets. Some people feel brave enough to mix and match to create unique cabinet designs in cream. Most others stick with one style. You can adapt your kitchen for cream cabinets, whether you have a:

Muretti’s kitchen showroom in Manhattan and Queens shows off custom designs to spark your imagination. Your kitchen ideas then come alive with the help from the company’s expert kitchen designers. Let your imagination soar, as your space is the only limit to what type of kitchen you can achieve.

What Are My Options for Cream Kitchen Cabinets?

Cream-colored kitchen cabinets can be fashioned from many different types of materials. The material you need is one that complements your overall design, although mixing materials my add a particular flavor to your design. Try:

Muretti’s custom-designed kitchen cabinets are especially designed to maintain your vision and color scheme. Your kitchen designer has the skills to make of use many cabinet styles for your chosen kitchen style, including:

  • Traditional cabinets, which usually have raised paneling details on the doors
  • Shaker cabinets, composed of a simple, clean design with flat-paneled doors and rail frames
  • Contemporary cabinets, minimalistic in style, with flat surfaces and simple hardware for a clean, classic look
  • Slab cabinets, which have a trendy, clutter-free design and are easy to maintain and clean
  • Country cabinets, rustic in design with a down-to-earth vibe, often showing a raised panel, bead-board or different-colored alternate cabinets
  • Craftsman style cabinets, with straight lines and minimal decoration
  • Open shelving cabinets, a popular option for people who like things within an arm’s reach

Whatever style your kitchen and kitchen cabinets, cream is a popular color choice. Contact the expert Italian-inspired kitchen designers at Muretti for more ideas and designs that fit your new or remodeled kitchen space.

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