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Black Kitchen

Black is a striking, bold color for kitchens, meaning it’s very much in vogue for stylish New Yorkers. Whether you just incorporate black accents to complement your soft colored walls and counter, or you go big with black appliances, countertops and cabinets, it’s a kitchen color choice that’s dramatic and playful all at the same time. Fall in love with your kitchen again by creating a beautiful black kitchen in your new construction with the expert assistance of the Italian designers at Muretti, the top kitchen design and installation team in the city. Call them before you begin your kitchen build-out or remodel.

Black Kitchen Cabinets NYC

Are Black Kitchens Trending?

Move over white kitchen; the black kitchen style is in with a bang in the 2020s. Black is one of the most daring kitchen colors. It rewards you with a sleek and chic kitchen look. Whether you have a traditional, modern, luxury or contemporary kitchen, black is a color in vogue. Some of the features you may enjoy when you decide to take the leap and go with a black kitchen include:

  • Black kitchen cabinets
  • Black kitchen countertops
  • Black wall accent
  • Black furniture
  • Black hardware
  • Sleek black appliances

Pulling off this extraordinary kitchen style requires precision and a keen eye for detail. And that’s exactly what Muretti, an NYC-based kitchen designer, brings to your new or remodeled kitchen design layout. With decades of experience working with a vast range of kitchen remodeling ideas, this team of Italian-trained designers and kitchen contractors turns your black kitchen dream into a reality.

Why Go for a Black Kitchen?

If you’re the daring and bold type, you want your living space to stand out in every way. As the kitchen may be the most important room for many of today’s families, you need to focus your creativity here. A black kitchen is not a fad, but it brings unique benefits to your home, including:

  • Sleek, a sophisticated and distinct kitchen style
  • Easily customizable color mixes
  • A contemporary, minimalist feel to your kitchen
  • Color that blends nicely with every style
  • A dash of drama to your living style, as black accents are hard to miss
  • Putting the spotlight on accessories, appliances, walls or other prominent features
  • A neutral color that can enhance unique aspects of the architecture of your kitchen space
  • Allowing your creativity to flow

To leverage these benefits, partner with the best kitchen designers. Muretti takes on the most complex kitchen remodeling ideas and makes them work. No job is too large or too small for the designers at Muretti.

How Can I Build a Black Kitchen?

The beauty of a black kitchen is in its versatility. You have a blank canvas, and it’s up to you to build your kitchen from scratch. It’s challenging yet exciting because the styling ideas are endless. Popular ideas to use black include:

  • All-black kitchen. Pair your all-black kitchen with a white floor and white walls for sharp contrast.
  • Black kitchen cabinets. Metal kitchen cabinets are easily painted to stand out in black.
  • Minimalist black. Add subtle touches of black all around your kitchen.
  • Right shade. Pick the right shade of black based on your kitchen’s lighting. All blacks are not equal. You need the most appropriate one for your kitchen.
  • Wall space. From painting a side wall to using patterned black designs, you have multiple options for a black wall.
  • Mix and match. Black contrasts nicely with more than just white. Imagine a black kitchen with light blue, red or yellow accents.
  • Natural elements. Wooden cabinets, ceiling beams and bamboo flooring add warmth to your black kitchen.
  • Stand-out cabinets. Introduce glass kitchen cabinets or high gloss cabinets to make a daring statement.
  • Black accent accessories. Black vases, towels or decorative pots help achieve harmony.
  • Black island. This adds a perfect amount of drama and functionality.
  • Contemporary look. Use brushed brass or chrome hardware to give your kitchen a clean and sophisticated look.

The list of creative ideas to make a beautiful black kitchen is long indeed. Muretti has a highly experienced team of designers and kitchen design options to help you. Contact them today. Talk to a kitchen design expert for an in-home consultation or visit the Manhattan and Queens showroom.

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