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Muretti Factory

Muretti does all its manufacturing in Italy at some of the best production facilities in the world for quality and speed. Despite this arrangement, Muretti keeps its pricing competitive. The factories are able to keep up with demand, no matter how big your project, with quality Italian-made components for your new or remodeled kitchen, bathrooms and closets. Get the best custom-designed cabinets and more from the premier New York City source of dream kitchens. Call today to get started.

Where Are Muretti’s Factories Located?

Although headquartered in New York City since 1995, Muretti partners with Italian production facilities. After developing exclusive relationships with some of Italy’s premier furniture factories, Muretti provides custom solutions for your new kitchen, bathroom or closet remodeling jobs. Italy has long enjoyed a worldwide reputation for style, fashion and design. While most famous for its clothes and accessories, Italian craftsmanship are just as revered for their home furnishings. Many Italian furniture manufacturers have been in business since the early 20th century, and their reputation for style and quality is second to none.

Can Muretti’s Factories Keep Up with Demand?

Italy’s modern factories are highly automated, and they can produce more than 100 elegant pieces each day. Rest assured that you won’t sacrifice quality for this high-production output. Italian engineering has spent decades perfecting their craft, with some of the world’s top craftsmen and state-of-the-art machinery evolving over time. There’s no job too large or too small for Muretti. If you decide to renovate your master bedroom closet, Muretti is the perfect choice. If you’re building out a multi-building apartment complex and need more than 100 finished kitchens, Muretti can meet your needs. And despite using Italian manufacturing, Muretti keeps its prices low.

Do Muretti’s Factories Use High-Quality Materials?

Muretti’s furniture manufacturers use the highest quality raw materials available. While wood is the traditional medium, Italian furniture fabricators now employ a variety of materials for their kitchen cabinets, such as:

By incorporating new materials into their products, Muretti’s designers can make modern versions of classic designs. In recent years, Italian design has combined materials in clean linear compositions that are both attractive and easy to maintain. Additionally, Muretti’s materials are environmentally friendly and some of the most durable in the market. Regardless of which style you choose, you can look forward to years of beauty and easy maintenance.

What Other Products Do the Factories Make?

After kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels make the next largest part of the orders. Muretti’s factories manufacture a wide array of bathroom furniture and cabinets. Keep in mind that all cabinets are custom-sized for your space. You can choose from a number of bathroom options, such as:

Muretti also designs and builds closets and closet doors. You have a wide selection of closet ensembles and designs to choose from, including:

Does Muretti Offer a Broad Color Selection?

All of Muretti’s cabinets and other products are available in the color of your choice. You pick the color palette during your design process, when you also select the style of the room you’re remodeling or building. Muretti’s factories can produce a wide selection of base color combinations for both kitchens and bathrooms. Your bathroom color options include:

  • White, a common color
  • Gray, a softer color
  • Blue, including its many shades
  • Black, a trending color

Your kitchen color options are even more expansive. This is an important choice, since the kitchen is a central room in your house. The Muretti factories can produce base kitchen colors that include:

Whichever color you prefer, Muretti custom-tailors it to the hue or shade you’re seeking. Visit their Manhattan and Queens showroom to see samples of kitchens, bathrooms and closets. Contact Muretti today to get started on your planning process and take advantage of Muretti’s Italian factories now.

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